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Imagine that you could materialize any small object that would be pined on a picture card attached to your shirt. You just touch the picture card and any small object matching the card will be materialized instantly... coin, sponge ball, lighter, cigarette, a small flower etc.
This effect will be easy to use as an opener, attention getter, or during your favorite routine if you need an extra object.


Card Airline - Prior to beginning the trick, the spectator will notice that a red back card is pined to your shirt... You don't say anything about it yet. You ask the spectator to selece a card, from a blue back deck, and to sign it. The card is then lost in the deck. Everything goes back in the card case, that you leave to the spectator. You show your hand empty, roll up your sleeves, and without tricky moves. Open the safety pin and release the card from your shirt. You slowly turn the card... It is the signed card from the spectator!!! You can offer the card as a souvenir.

Signature Airline - Prior to beginning the trick the spectator will notice that a face up card is pined to your shirt. You openly remove the duplicate card from your deck and ask the spectator to sign it... and loose the card in the deck. You remove a silk from your breast pocket, with one wave in front of the card and suddenly... the spectator's signature has just jumped to the card. You show your hand empty, roll up your sleeves, and without tricky moves you open the safety pin and release the card from yourt shirt. And now you can offer the card as a souvenir.

Flash Airline - If you like visual effects... this is a supersonic one. A pined card on your chest will vanish in a blink and reappear instantly pined on your back.

  • Manufactured by:
    JP Vallarino

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