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Aleph Wallet is the perfect tool for the working professional magician
Aleph Wallet is a multipurpose wallet that will allow you to perform plenty of Stage, Parlor and Close-Up audience tested miracles.
You will have an arsenal just in your rear trouser pocket

Aleph Wallet is more that a wallet:


  • Magnetic Add a Number Wallet
  • Always ready "Card in Wallet" (in spectator's pocket).
  • Switch Wallet
  • Index Wallet for billets
  • Secret Writing Wallet
  • Peek Wallet (two peeks internal and external)
  • ... and much more

  • Comes with a DVD (approx. 2 hours), with performances, full descriptions and more than 15 gimmicks and accessories. You'll learn 14 professional routines and many ideas and all the tiny details about the wallet.

    Some routines explained step by step in the DVD

    Money in your pocket (Marc Paul)

    A great routine to perform at any venue. The magician can accurately guess, via "body language", in which pocket has the different bills he has secretly hidden. That's not all, as a great punch climax you show a prediction that was all time in full view.

    Smart Room Service
    Ultra practical and updated version of the classic "Room Service", useful in Close-Up, Parlor or Stage.

    Psychic Birthday
    You'll get into the mind of a spectator and reveal no only the month but also the exact day and the weather of a birthday he has in mind.

    "Hands Off" Dictionary Test
    A true "hand off" book test. The magician never touches the regular huge dictionary; he never asks the number of the freely chosen page but he can accurately read the word the spectator has in mind.

    Sweet Ring Michel reveals for the first time this closely guarded routine from his professional repertoire. This is a devastating routine: a spectator's finger ring magically travels to a selected and sealed sugar bag.


Customer Reviews:

by Peter Duffie from Magic October 2011
Date Added: 01/30/2014
The Aleph Wallet could be described as the Swiss army knife of wallets. At first glance it seems like an expensive proposition, however, you get a a lot for your money.

The wallet measures 41/2 by 3 inches and is based on the classic Himber design with straps. But it is not a Z-Fold type wallet.The Aleph wallet also features Mark Strivings SUC (sight unseen case ) principle, and this functions on both sides of the wallet. With this feature, you can insert a business card into the wallet and can instantly peek at what is written or drawn on the card after you close the wallet.There is also an internal peek built in.When you open the wallet, an ID window compartment is on one-side, and a single pocket on the other.When you open the wallet on the other side, thanks to the Himber-like construction, the layout is identical.

But wait, there's more! The wallet comes to you with a magnetic closure feature. This is an excellent option that adds to the versatility of the device.The magnets allow you to place something into the wallet, close it, then place it on a spectator's hand. If you feel bold, you could then ask the spectator to open the wallet, the magnets will keep the "hot" section closed while the non-magnetic side opens freely.This feature is also useful because you don't need to keep track of the orientation of the wallet. When you come to re-open the wallet, it will automatically open to the non-magnetic side. But if you have no use or need for the magnetic feature, you make this prop non magnetic if you wish. Simply remove the gaffs, which are disguised as concert tickets and a calender.

At this point you may be asking "Can I use this as an everyday wallet?" Unfortunately, no.

There are no additional slots for credit cards or cash. You can easily keep business cards in it, and it will look like a pretty smart holder for them, or it can be a notepad.`but there's no room in it for everything you'd regularly carry in a wallet.

Along with the Aleph wallet itself, you also receive a vinyl wallet containing additional gaffs and add-ons.These include nine business cards with the"Physic Research Institute" printed on one side and pre-printed layouts on the other side that insures that your spectator will write information in the correct place for peeking later. These cards are only samples; you will need to get some printed if you decide to use them.I assume that most magicians will use there own business cards. You also receive one hotel room card; one piece of blank photo paper and a card showing an X-Ray of a hand with a five of clubs showing; two cards with signs of the zodiac on them, and numbers, letters, and card suits on the other side; two cards with hypnotic spirals on one side; and letters and numbers on the other side; five standard ESP cards; one small pad of paper; one transferable index that can comfortably hold twelve billets (sixteen at a push); and one bug writer. That last item is a recent release from Vernet and is normally sold separately. It is a new design based n Eric Mason's Boon writer. I rather like this adaptation, as it feels more stable when writing with it.The version supplied here is the greese-pencil writer. Lastly there is one piece of clear plastic that acts as a slide for a Card in Wallet handling. This is the only feature that disappointed me, and it did so in a big way, because I was looking forward to the palm loading feature in this wallet. But this feature is almost impossible to use without a huge struggle.I noticed that during the DVD performance of Card in wallet, the camera cut away at the moment of the load. Need I say more?
You can mix and match the supplied props and have a complete mentalism act-one that packs a punch and resets easily-right in your wallet. A bonus routine in which a borrowed ring appears inside a sealed sugar packet inside your wallet held by a spectator is also explained. This looks very good, though it requires a lot of preparation.It also uses a slide loader that's not supplied. However it is easy to make a slide loader for this purpose and, because of its tapered shape and the small size of the object that you are holding, it should present no problems in working, unlike trying to load a playing card. You can probably cut the supplied card slide so that it'll work for loading the ring into the wallet.The entire kit is nicely boxed with an instructional DVD. The video has a voice over in English that works fine, but lacks detail; I found myself rewinding a few times for clarification. Check it out I think you'll like it.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]


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