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Bottle Production Gimmick
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Astor Magic

ACAAN by Astor - Trick

ACAAN by Astor - Trick

  A member of the audience names any card and chooses any number from 1 to 52. When the performer turns the large card on a stand in which the audience has seen the backs of one entire deck, they will see the faces of a deck which is printed on the opposite side of the card sheet. The...
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Jumbo Champagne Card by Astor - Trick

Jumbo Champagne Card by Astor - Trick

The postcard size (6" x 4") of the the Jumbo Champagne Card makes it possible to present this trick both in close-up and saloon environment. Due to the graphics on the pictures this is really appropriate to use this both at special events and celebration parties. Effect: The magician...
Sale: $23.10

Ready To Ship: Between Aug 21st and Aug 22nd
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E.S.P. Chips by Astor - Trick

E.S.P. Chips by Astor - Trick

The Magician writes down a prediction. He takes out a few chips from his pocket and there is an E.S.P. sign can be seen on them both sides. Then he asks the spectator to build up a tower from these chips by placing them on top of each other. The E.S.P. signs on the top and on the bottom of the...

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Rainbow Jokers (Poker Size and DVD included) by Astor Magic - Trick

Rainbow Jokers (Poker Size and DVD included) by Astor Magic - Trick

Four face up blue backed jokers turn over in a surprising manner, turn face up again, but now each joker has a different colored back. As a finale all the jokers have blue back again. Comes complete with instructional DVD and poker-size cards.
Sale: $15.39

Ready To Ship: Between Aug 21st and Aug 22nd
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EXCEED my expectations!

To Those thinking of ordering from MJMMagic, After 2 orders with MJMMagic my second order had an honest mistake of an item that cost approximately...

Great Service!

I had ordered a trick and when it showed up, it had instructions for a different trick. My first thought was, "Wow, this is going to be pain to...

Best service on the internet

MJM magic has the best service on the internet. They really care about their customers. I was having a problem with my password. As soon as I told...