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Bob Sheets has been a top professional magician for decades. He's refined and simplified his working repertoire over the years to the point where each routine has been honed to perfection.

Bob Does Hospitality is a series of three DVD's that covers Bob's current close-up repertoire of nine routines. Each DVD contains one "Act". Each act is built on three dynamite routines that will play well in any close-up situation from strolling during cocktails to table-hopping to formal close-up.

With all three Acts in his pockets, Bob can go from group to group without repeating a routine until he gets to the fourth group yet each group gets to see a complete "show".

This strategy is without a doubt the smartest way to work. You have enough material to really do the job but you're pockets are not loaded.

Bob has done all of the work for you. Each routine is very easy to do as Bob has eliminated virtually all of "the work" so that just about ANYBODY can do the routines.

Volume 1:
  • Bunnies - Probably the best reaction trick in Magic. Bob's patter is hilarious, non-stop, line after line. You can do 5000 tricks but they want THE BUNNIES!
  • Intuition - Under impossible circumstances, spectators do the impossible and read each others minds! Typical Sheets, it's hysterical and practical.
  • Marked - Shocking and visual, Marked guarantees that your audience's eye-balls will be open wide. They'll all be leaving the Casino's after seeing this one!
Volume 2:
  • Triple Transpo - The classic CSB gimmick does the work for you. Bob has put together the DEFINITIVE handling. The gimmick comes and goes...invisibly!
  • Gotcha - Bob has fooled everybody including the experts with this staggering multi-phase version of the classic Triumph. Originally sold for $25!
  • Red Hot Mama - This routine should be called Melt Down because that's what happens to the spectator's brain. Bob's taken Whit Haydn's work into the Stratosphere!
Volume 3:
  • 3 Ball Trick - Play HUGE, pack small. Just three balls, but this one will drive them over the edge. Non-stop visuals and the best work on the classic 3 Ball plot ever!
  • Flash Deck - Instant mind reading...just add water. Actually, there is no water except on the audience's brain. The deck does 95% of the work, you dial in the rest from home!
  • 6 Tricks, 2 Minutes - It's more like 60 tricks in 2 minutes. The deck does all of the work for you. Action packed inside of a bizarre Sheets wrapping. Really funny, very visual.

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