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A long time ago, VOODOO was known as treatment to cure the sick using a doll.  As time passed, this method was no longer used to cure, but to inflict harm!!


You take out stack of five blank business cards as you are telling a story about voodoo.  You take the cards and begin to draw a stick man on each of the cards.  You say that these cards are representing living people.  You give one of the cards to your spectator.  You ask him to write his name on it to represent himself.  After he has done it, you say that you're going to do something exactly like those people in Africa used to do (but you are not going to hurt anyone).   It will just be a demonstration with the paper.

You ask your spectator to hold those cards in their hands and ask him to think of number from one to four.  Once they say it, you take your lighter and start to burn the paper which has spectator's name on it.  He is asked if he felt something and asked not to let go the cards.

You then ask your spectator to lift his hand, and you deal down to his chosen number.  When he turns over the card, he is shocked because that is the only card that has a matching BURN on it.  Not only that, the burnt card also has the spectator's name on it!!!

This is a nearly impromptu voodoo effect that you can perform anytime and anywhere with little preparations.  Once you learn the method, you can apply it to any effects you want.


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