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A collection of 16 stunning routines based on the ACAAN (Any Card at Any Number) theme.

The best part is that several of these routines do not use a physical deck at all. Some of these routines do use a physical deck, but the performer never touches the deck. It is merely used to verify at the end whether the chosen card is at the chosen number. The main method is an old beauty but has never been used in this manner.

There are no psychological forces, no dual reality, no swami, no sleights (of course!), no stooges or instant stooges, no preshow, no math, no memory, and no stack. Unlike any other ACAAN, this can be instantly repeated with a different outcome.

Routine 1 - Deckless ACAAN with Super Prediction - A participant randomly chooses a playing card. A second participant randomly chooses a number. A third participant tries to use her intuitive power to divine these 2 choices. She gets the card but misses the number. For the killer climax, the performer has predicted all these choices including by how much the third participant misses the number. No physical deck is used.

Routine 2 - Deckless ACAAN with Exact Prediction - 2 participants randomly choose a card and a number. The performer has predicted both these exactly. No physical deck is used.

Routine 3 - Perfect ACAAN with Hands Off Deck - A sealed deck of cards is in full view right from the beginning. The performer never touches it. Two participants randomly choose a card and a number. A third participant then opens the deck and deals the cards to find the chosen card at the chosen number.

Routine 4 - Perfect ACAAN with Hands Off Deck with Multiple Participants - A sealed deck. Performer never touches it. Two sets of participants each choose a card and a number. Both chosen cards are found to be exactly at their respective numbers.

Routine 5 - Deckless ACANAB - Any Card, Any Number, Any Back Color - Three participants each randomly choose a card, a number, and a card back color. The performer's prediction is of course exact on all three counts. No physical deck is used.

Routine 6 - Perfect ACANAB with Hands Off Deck - A sealed deck in full view. Performer never touches it. Three participants each choose a card, a number, and a back color respectively. When the deck is opened, the chosen card is found at the chosen number and it has the chosen color back which is different from the entire deck's back color.

Routine 7 - Deckless ACANACAB - Any Card, Any Number, Any Celebrity, Any Back Color - Well, you will have a lot of fun with this one.

Routine 8 - AAAAN - Any Alphabet At Any Number

Routine 9 - ATAAN - Any Tarot At Any Number

Routine 10 - AOAAN - Any Object At Any Number

Routine 11 - ASAAN - Any Symbol At Any Number

Routine 12 - ADOAN - Any Dream On Any Night

Routine 13 - ACAALN - Any Country At Any Lotto Number

Routine 14 - ACAALL - Any City At Any Latitude/Longitude

Routine 15 - APOAC - Any President Of Any Country

Routine 16 - AFAAT - Any Food At Any Time

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