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Expert Card Magic: Volume 1 by Sal Piacente

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Date Added: 07/05/2006 by Jeffrey Mash
(I saw this posted by CurlyClimber222 on Spookclub and wanted to share it with you guys as well)

This is my first review so bare with me.

I must say that when I started watching these I was a bit skeptical because nobody really talks about these DVD’s. I was sure that that meant that people had them and nobody like them. I decided to go ahead and get them anyway. I started watching them and I was BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!! These videos are the best that I have ever seen. They are better then the Sankey vids, Gregory Wilson vids, Ammar……Everybody. Nothing beats these. Not even Paul Harris’s Art of Astonishment. Well with out further ado here is the review and not just my rambling…..

-amazing card tricks
-I learned some new sleights (other people may know them but I did not. These sleights are gambler type sleights.)
-Great patter

-Most are not impromptu
-Most require at least a 5 minute setup
-All tricks require a table
-It’s a Magic Makers, Inc.

Volume 1.
-Sal’s Memory Opener – (my second favorite trick on the DVD’s) Sal (soon you) memorizes the deck of cards instantly, even as a spectator repeatedly shuffles the deck.
This trick require a 3 minute setup every time you want to perform it. This means that it would be terrible for shows in restaurants because the reset would be impossible.

-The Marlo Opener – A spectator cuts the deck, Sal then correctly estimates the exact number of cards cut then proceeds to deal himself a perfect hand.
One hard sleight is involved. You need to do the sleight 2 times then from there the trick is basically self working. This means that if you are unable to do the sleight you can do a deck switch and have the sleight preset the only down side is that you won’t be able to shuffle right infront of the spectators (unless you do false shuffles).

-Sal’s Ace Cutting Routine – The most incredible Ace Cutting Routine you will ever see!!! The deck is shuffled, then Sal “dead cuts” directly to each of the four aces.
Not much to say about this. Its an amazing trick, pretty easy.

-Sal’s Ace Cutting Routine II – The downside to the trick above this (Sal’s Ace Cutting Routine) is that the spectator’s can’t touch the cards. With THIS routine the spectator’s can put the cards anywhere into the deck (without you looking) then shuffle (with you still not looking). They put the cards into the deck, they shuffle, You find the aces. Sound impossible???? Yes, is it??? NO!!!!!!!!!!! It is the perfect trick to follow the previous trick.
This is one of the more impromptu tricks. It requires one set up then that deck can do the trick forever. This trick would be good for a restaurant situation.

-The Vernon Poker Deal Revisited – Sal’s version of a classic routine in which a spectator will assist by drawing the winning card for Sal’s incredible Poker hand………..
Lots of setup is required. The initial setup will take about 5 minutes, if you want to repeat the trick the reset is about 2 minutes, however you will need to do this while you are alone. The only trick in all of the DVD’s that requires a “trick deck”.

Volume 2

-The McDougal Stack Outdone – A very powerful routine where Sal will stack the 4 aces into the deck and then deal himself the aces.
Not much to say on this. It is the most difficult trick on the DVD’s however its worth the practice.

-Paint Poker – using only the 20 high cards, the deck is shuffled and cut. Sal then is able to deal himself the winning hand.

-Rollover aces – Sal cuts to the four aces, then for a kicker ending he produces all four royal flushes.
This trick is good but I did not find it very appealing. It could just be my personality though. I felt that it was too impossible and according to Sal a trick should never feel like it is impossible it should just be very unlikely…. It is quite easy to do though.

Stop !! – A card is selected then shuffled into the deck. Sal deals the cards until “stop” is called to review the chosen card.
This trick has been in many books such as expert card magic however they did not go into much detail. Sal filled this in for us to make a great trick. There is a chance that you will be off, however Sal gave us some many great outs. This way the trick will be great no matter what.

The Riffle Stack – Read below
The Faro Stack – Both of these stacks are good utility moves. They are good for making some of your own tricks. By themselves they are more like signs of skill rather then actual tricks. It is still interesting to see how easy it is to stack a deck.

4,5, 6 Packet Trick – (my favorite trick on the DVD’s) Sal’s show stopping routine where he finds a spectator’s chosen card that he or she has just merely though of……VERY IMPRESSIVE!
Two words………HOLY !@#$^%. This is so cool. Completely impromptu and like it says above this really is a show stopper. I was sitting there with my jaw hanging down. I could not even think of a possible explanation for this trick…………….
Then he gave the explanation. WOW is this easy. By far one of the easiest tricks on the Videos, and best of all, this trick is completely 100% impromptu (can be done with a borrowed shuffled deck). It’s a must have for EVERYBODY.

BONUS TRICK: The Encore Card Trick – The spectator thinks of a card, then Sal finds it. It is accompanied by an amazing poker hand.
This trick was not as good as I thought it would be because it will not work every time. Its chances of working are really High but I just did not really like the effect.

Well there you have it. That is every trick on the videos. BTW it is called lecture notes because Sal is giving a one on one lecture to Rob Stiff. I know that this is from magic makers but these tricks are some of the best I have ever seen.

If you ask me whether or not you should buy these I would say NO, simply because I would not want you to know the secrets to the tricks. I want them to be mine. They are just that good.

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