David Blaine seems to be all about dumb

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David Blaine seems to be all about dumb

Postby menkaya » Sat Dec 28, 2013 11:57 am

David Blaine was first, but I think Criss Angel is much cooler. David Blaine seems to be all about dumb publicity stunts now. As far as I know, they're not really friends, they're rivals. In fact, earlier this month while David was doing his fishbowl thing, Criss publicly challenged him. He said that he would appear on any live program with Blaine, donate all proceeds he earns to charity, and match any illusion, trick or stunt Blaine did. He further said that if Blaine could do any stunt or trick that Angel couldn't match, he would "retire on the spot."
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Re: David Blaine seems to be all about dumb

Postby Jeff_Mash » Wed Jan 15, 2014 6:08 pm

I know this is an old post, but I thought I'd respond. I cannot speak for either man, but I have a theory on why David started doing stunts.

As magicians, we leave an impression on those who watch us perform. Some will believe it's real magic.....others knowing that magic doesn't exist will usually be baffled, as if they just watched a puzzle that they can't figure out ("How did he make that object levitate?! I know it's not real, but how?!?")

So magicians create this fantasy in the spectators mind, or this "belief in magic", if you will. However, deep down, the magician knows it's not real. THEY know the secret. THEY know how it's performed. They may not get that same "special feeling" or HIGH that a spectator gets, especially if they've done the same effects over and over and over again.

So they need a new challenge. They need to do something that MOST people cannot (or will not) do. Hence, the physical challenges. The suspension in ice.....the underwater challenges, etc. These are things to challenge a magician, to recharge that belief in something greater than him.....to restore that "magic" within themselves.

Think about it.....the first time you learn a magic effect, a GOOD magic effect, you are excited. And when you first perform that effect for people, you can feel that same excitement and joy that your spectators feel. Now imagine that you do this effect 1000 times.......it may to become robotic to you. Automatic. You don't even have to THINK about what to say anymore, you just do it. Perhaps it becomes like a job to you......yes, it impresses the person you're performing for, but you've grown bored of it. So you need something that you can learn and challenge yourself. That is why I personally think some of these guys leave the illusions and tricks behind, and decide to push themselves to a physical limit. It still seems impossible or magical to many (there is no way I can hold my breath for 4+ minutes), but there is also something in it for the magician: a sense of accomplishment....of doing the impossible......of teaching themselves the power of self control and discipline.

What are your thoughts?
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Re: David Blaine seems to be all about dumb

Postby vanishintonight » Fri Jan 17, 2014 4:13 pm

I can see the concept of rivalry- it was prevalant in the earlier days of magic, during the turn of the century. I think it's something that will never "vanish" from magic and certain magicians. I understand your point Jeff about what is the next
level of accomplishment for a seasoned performer. Physical magic would be a logical course of action; but, I'm still old-school
and it really does nothing for me- I rather see doves produced, a woman cut in half, and card and coin work....Michael :)
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