Want a Free Gift? Read this to know when!

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Want a Free Gift? Read this to know when!

Postby Jeff_Mash » Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:29 pm

Hey did you know that we were giving away FREE GIFTS last week with all qualifying orders? If you didn't, then you need to make sure that you subscribe to our FACEBOOK and TWITTER accounts. Those are the two places where we announce giveaways and free gifts that we're including in orders.

In fact, we're about to giveaway some more items, but we're only going to announce them on those accounts....we will NOT be emailing it out!

So make sure you don't miss the next giveaway, because we have a few of them lined up, and we plan to announce the next one very shortly on those accounts. Here is a quick breakdown to let you know how to find out when we are giving away free items:

FACEBOOK: If you have a Facebook account, then simply go to this link, which will take you to our Facebook page:

Once you are there, hit that LIKE button and it will freely subscribe you to our Facebook feed. Whenever we have a FREE GIFT or promotion that we are having, will publish it on this page, and it will then display for you when you're signed into Facebook.

TWITTER: If you have a Twitter account, then go to this link and hit the FOLLOW button to follow us:

Both of those options are great ways to stay on top of what we're doing here at MJM Magic, and to find the latest information on promotions we are having.

What if you don't use Facebook or Twitter? Does this mean you won't ever know about our free gifts that we're giving away?

Of course it doesn't. We also mention free gifts on our blog, and on our website. You simply won't KNOW about those new announcements unless you go to one of those areas every day to check for anything new:

Our Website: http://www.MJMMagic.com
Our Blog: http://mjmmagic.blogspot.com

If you have any other questions, please let us know! We hope this helped give you a heads up on how to spot the free gifts we give away on our website.


NEW ITEM: SHIFT - Bending Key

By popular demand, we are getting this brand new items in our store shortly! If you ever wanted an easy to do METAL BENDING effect with an every day object, something that can fit easily into your pocket, then make sure you check out SHIFT Bending Key!

These are already in route to our store but only in limited quantities, so place your order and be sure to get one before we sell out:



R.I.P. Ron Crumley

When I say that EVERY ONE of our customers is important to us, I really mean it. Please take a moment to read this article we wrote on the MJM Blog about one of our customers:


- Jeff Mash
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