The Crusade by Atlas Brookings and Andrew Brown

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The Crusade by Atlas Brookings and Andrew Brown

Postby Khuldrin » Sat Oct 12, 2013 3:41 am

I have one word that describes how good this is...

"Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple" Woody Guthrie

So what is The Crusade you ask... It is a mind readers any card at any number. Now don't let that deter you from this card effect, it truly is a thought of card at a thought of number.
OK, so you may have Inexplicable, or X-Act, or maybe Numb3rs... All great effects, all being called ACAAN but they are more of a predicted card at any number.

Just what is an AnyCardAtAnyNumber? Atlas Brookings put it very simply...
"Consider the standard ACAAN presentation:

The performer tables a pack of cards and asks an audience member to name any card in the deck. They call out a card. The performer then asks another audience member to call out a number between1 and 52. They call out a number. The performer then asks someone to remove the deck of cards from the box and count down to the number recently selected. When the card at that number is flipped over, it proves to be the one called out by the audience member only moments before. Ta-da! It is a miracle!" From part of the introduction in The Crusade

Sounds impressive but with The Crusade there is meaning behind everything.
One spectator thinks of a card... Nothing said or written down
A second spectator only thinks of a number... Nothing said or written down
The cards get dealt face up to the thought of number, the card resting at the thought of number is set aside face down. When the first spectator reveals their thought of card the card is turned over and it matches.

Can be done impromptu
Use a borrowed deck of cards
The spectators shuffle and mix the cards
No sleight of hand or needed setups
The Crusade offers you the ability to focus on presentation and perform a miracle.

Atlas Brookings and Andrew Brown have shared something that I know I will do when asked in an impromptu situation (as long as there is a deck of cards) and when party strolling. With The Crusade, I am opening pocket space because I can now get rid of a prepared deck.

I believe that these items Atlas has put out are soon to be a part of my stand up. ... 1&sort=20a ... 1&sort=20a

I just hope that MJM will be able to bring this eBook to their shop, it is a miracle for under $30 and worth much more to me.
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Re: The Crusade by Atlas Brookings and Andrew Brown

Postby vanishintonight » Sat Oct 12, 2013 12:59 pm

Wow- an amazing effect- almost makes me want to start doing mentalism!......Thanks for sharing this gem....Michael :)
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