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For the first time ever, you'll get to see legendary, underground card magician Howard Hamburg perform and teach some of his personal routines!

Over 60 Years of Magic Experience

Personal Friend of Dai Vernon for over 20 Years

8 Complete Routines described in detail

Routines Included:

Ace, 2, 3, 4: A wonderful packet trick with Aces and a kicker ending that will no one will see coming! No gaffed Cards - This is one you have to see to believe.

Rising Card: A spectator's card mysteriously rises from the middle of a deck while inside the card box. Howard's incorporates interesting touches to this effect that was originally shown to him by Tom Craven. Everything is examinded before and after the effect! This is an impromptu miracle with no gimmicks!

Magic Con Revelation: The spectator removes a group of cards from a ribbon spread deck & counts them to himself. The spectator counts down from the deck that number and remembers the card that falls at that number. The spectator than shuffles and cuts the cards (as many times as they want). The magician upon cutting the deck reveals the suit of the card and again the magician cuts the cards, looks at the card he cut to and reveals the value of the selected card. No set-up and it is self working!

Mystery Card: Two face up kings with a mystery card between them are placed on the table. The spectator is told that there will be a similarity between their freely chosen card and the mystery card. The spectator selects a card and it is lost in the deck. The spectator removes the mystery card from the table and when they turn the card over, it is found to be their card. This can even be signed! No Force!

19: Howard has an interesting twist on this old effect. The cards are shuffled by the spectator who then cuts them into two fairly equal packets and counts the cards in either pack. He is then instructed to is asked to remember the card at a certain number. The magician reviews the procedures used to arrive at their card and turns over the top card of the packet. The magician spells that card as he turns over a card for each letter and on the final letter, that card is the spectator's card.

Mystical 13 - This has been a best-seller at Howard's Lectures throughout the United States and because it sells as a separate product - this is the performance only version of the effect


You'll learn Clipped, Hidden Prediction, Howard's Brainwave Trick.

As a bonus you'll learn Howard's technique on Jog-Work and the Veeser Count.

Shot in High Definition

"Having a session with Howard is not only loaded with great technique but with theory, presentation and is always sparkled with great stories of past masters like Dai Vernon and Larry Jennings" - Allan Ackerman

" Howard Hamburg, close friend and confidant of Dai Vernon and Charlie Miller, is one of the finest exponents of sleight of hand card magic that I've ever witnessed. His routines and handlings are original and exceptionally magical." - Johnny Thompson

"If affection could be converted to cash, Howard Hamburg would be one of the wealthiest men in the world. As things stand, his finances must continue to depend on his ability to hustle rubes with his diabolical card work." -- Max Maven

"Card table aficionado and raconteur pretty much sums up Howard Hamburg. On a personal note though, his knowledge and friendship has been invaluable in my own growth as a student of magic and I know without a doubt his ideas have been thought out and refined and will become cherished additions to your repertoire." - Dave Buck "Listening to Howard tell stories of Vernon while showing me card tricks over lunch has got to be one of my most found memories in magic. After watching this DVD I think you will know why." - Dan Buck

"Howard is a great teacher and skilled magician! I look forward to learning more from him soon!" - Jeff McBride

"One of the best card men in the world that you've never heard of" Doc Eason

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