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Transpo Kings DVD (with Bicycle Cards)
Transpo Kings DVD (with Bicycle Cards)
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Real Man's Wallet

Sale: $30.76

Product came exactly as described and arrived promptly. The wallet, itself, is wonderful. It looks and performs just like any other wallet would/should and is high quality. The “secret” of this wallet is a brilliantly designed compartment that allows you to quickly load a card into it in the time it takes you to reach back and pull it out of your pocket. Once you know how it works and what to do it really is that fast. Brilliant gimmick that makes for an amazing “card to wallet” effect. It also functions just like a regular wallet would and has become my everyday wallet.. further adding to the effect as it does not seem to be a gimmick in any way. It is and it isn’t a perfectly normal wallet. That’s the brilliance of it. I’ve had mine for half a year and it shows no sign of wear, despite spending everyday in my back pocket. Product is a 10/10 and service was also a 10/10....
Date Added: 04/21/2018 by Esteban Aguila
Been doing and buying magic since I was 10 years old......I am now 64. So I have closets of stuff I purchased, played with but never used. I own a number of wallets, put away and just collecting dust. But, I will use the Real Man's Wallet....
Date Added: 03/15/2018 by Michael Pierpont
It may have a higher rating for someone who really likes this type of magic.Looks like an ordinary wallet....
Date Added: 02/06/2012 by Wallace Gluck
I actually use this wallet as my everyday wallet, and forgot that it's a gimmicked wallet for several weeks. It requires palming to get the card to the pocket, as well as a considerable amount of practice to get the card in without fumbling. I would recommend this to serious card worker who wants to put their ambitious card routine to a stylish finish....
Date Added: 02/15/2008 by Josh Kim

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As Promised

I ordered a DVD from MJM and got my discount (as promised) for the price difference of the product in another shop. Great !!!

What great help!

So thankful for the team at MJM. I received a product which had a slight fault, unknown to them, and they did their best in order to have me up and...


Brandi is so helpful, she's magical!