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Masterpiece by Rick Lax


Let me begin by saying I am no Magician you have ever heard of; BEING a Magician never paid bills; DOING Magic paid the bills for several years. I say all that to say this – Rick Lax is my new favorite Magician because of this little gem right here. That, and the power this effect gives the intelligent, thinking Magician make it THE effect to purchase this year, IMHO...

Masterpiece is a Magic geeks beautiful little dream, not because of the Illusion itself, but because of the geek-deep level of instruction included with your purchase. Rick Lax covers stuff you wouldn’t know needed covering until you had performed this effect yourself publically at least 500 times. Mr. Lax goes off the deep end of effect explanation, all to the benefit of the purchaser. Spend time with Rick and his is worth far more than the asking price on the effect.

Finally, Masterpiece enabled me to successfully complete an effect I have seen no less than 75 times in public performance by that same number of performers, and had included in my shows due to Jeff Hobson’s usage of it in his performance for a Magic convention. Basically a throw-away effect, the Magician produces one card, asks a random audience member to name one card, and then, indicating that the cards DON’T match, mutters something about how cool that would be if it ever actually worked; put Masterpiece on the end of it, and it does work, to brilliant and amazing effect.

I performed this effect 5 minutes out of the box, a professionals no-no, and fooled the pants off of my wife. It answers her three requirements of any effect I perform – ‘why did you do it?’ ‘Is it stupid?’, and, ‘Can I hold it?’ Masterpiece went immediately into all my close-up and parlor work; I now await the Jumbo Deck version, Rick...
Date Added: 06/13/2017 by Rev. Timothy Walker


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