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Beautiful Moves (2 DVD set) by Michael Boden - DVD
Beautiful Moves (2 DVD set) by Michael Boden - DVD
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Colossal Blizzard 2.0 by Anthony Miller and Magick Balay


I definitely like this better than the original, though it is more limited. Watching the video demos you think any card could be named and you are able to produce it, but that is not true. You can produce a small number of cards if chosen, but if they are not chosen you have to do a little bit of spectator management. Magick gives you some great handling for it and it's not something most spectators would ever notice (though magicians definitely would). In the end, they will feel like they just named a card and you pulled it out of a blank deck even though that's not exactly what happened...but the end result is all that matters.

Can it be repeated? Not really. Magick again gives you some great advice on how to be able to work a party where several spectators name totally unrelated cards over the period of the night so if they talk later they find nothing in common to what they selected. It's really great, but it does take a moment of reset between presentations.

These are minor shortcomings and definitely easy to smooth out with a little practice. You will have to be solid with your patter on this one so don't rush performance until you know what you are saying. Take a few minutes to work with this (and the one move you'll have to do) and you'll have a miracle.
Date Added: 06/13/2017 by Brian Reaves

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