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Decks and Deceptions by Brent Braun


I already own the Torched and Restored download which is the best and most practical T and R effect for workers that I've come across. I made this purchase in search of strong/practical impromptu card effects, and initially had my eyes on the transposition effect.

The transposition is clever but is not for me, as it pretty much requires a close-up pad or similar surface for it to work reliably. However the triumph effect is a perfect, practical, and snappy piece of magic for a tabled setting using a normal deck of cards. I don't typically think Triumph is an engaging effect for a laymen, but in my opinion Brent's version and Back in Time by Jay Sankey are the only non-color changing Triumphs someone who performs for real people should put their time into. Little effort, maximum return, and easily attainable within an hour for any intermediate card magician.

Other notable effects for me were the Ball Through Glass and Dartboard effects. Again, very clever and easy to do, they are just for very specific moments.

Brent's additional moves and tips were a great addition. His tips on the top change were great. I missed the cool box special of $20 and paid $30. I'm happy with my investment for the triumph effect and inspiration alone. Brent is a great thinker and a great teacher. If you are in search of a T n' R effect and also are interested in card magic you will have no problem paying the full price of $40 for is product.
Date Added: 06/13/2017 by Brandon Lopez


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