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Paul Harris' Hand-Picked Astonishments - Vol 3 - Invisible Deck - DOWNLOAD

  • Manufactured by: Paul Harris

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A Paul Harris Presents series of new twists on classic must-have magic secrets like the Invisible Deck, Thumb Tips, Loops, Card Forces and more!
All effects are handpicked by Paul Harris Tim Trono, and Joshua Jay. Expert coaching by Joshua Jay helps ensure your first performance experience is comfortable, solid, safe, and astonishing.
This is not an encyclopedic "every variation under the sun" collection. Out of the hundreds of routines and ideas, we have handpicked a handful of only the very coolest, most powerful, performer-friendly personal favorites from magic's top creators.
On this Handpicked DVD learn how to learn how to use the Invisible Deck to its full potential.


  • Invisible Deck Introduction
  • Cell Phone Presentation (how to involve someone from across the globe)
  • How it works
  • Jay Sankey’s X (possibly the best variation on the original)
  • Beyond Invisible (A totally new twist on the classic routine)
  • Invisible Deep 3 (Predict a spectator’s initials!)
  • Pit Boss (The perfect ending to a one-ahead routine by Thom Peterson)

And much more!

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Customer Reviews:

by Jeff Mash
Date Added: 04/19/2013
I absolutely loved this download, and I will tell you why.

First, understand that this download not only covers some handpicked routines using the Invisible Deck, but it also goes over the BASICS on how to use the deck. Joshua gets that out of the way in the beginning, so for those professionals who already know how the deck works, you won't have to sit through any long explanations. However, for those who are new to the Invisible Deck, this is an invaluable piece of the video.

Joshua covers some BASIC handling with the deck, just for people who don't want to do any "math" in their heads. Quite honestly, when I originally learned the Invisible Deck many years ago, I only knew about the "math" portion of it. In other words, spreading through the cards with the deck DOWN BY YOUR WAIST, doing math in my head until I knew what card to stop at. It's amazing how I never thought to raise the deck up by my chest, cards FACING OUTWARD, so that I can see the back of the cards and remove the math portion completely!

Granted, spreading the cards in this fashion means that you cannot have anyone looking over your shoulder, but if you're performing head on to somebody (or you're at a table), then this method of removing the chosen card is great because ANYONE can do it! That means it's great for beginners who can literally perform with an Invisible Deck right out of the box, with nothing to memorize.

Before even getting into the routines, he covers some of the "WHAT IF" moments that you may be faced with. For example, "What if the spectator names the card that is on the FACE of the deck, so that there's nothing to spread?" Things like that are discussed so that you always have a way of showing the card in the middle of the spread.

He also talks about AUDIENCE MANAGEMENT, and I'm glad he did. With any kind of Gimmicked Deck, people may try to hold the deck (which obviously they can't). How do you get around that? Well, Joshua covers that topic to help minimize anyway that the spectators will want to examine the deck afterwards. It's more of a SUBTLETY (and not a guarantee that they will ask to hold the deck), but it's a good one, and something that psychologically will make most people never ask to handle the deck.

Another talking point on the video is HOW TO RESET THE DECK in plain sight. Since some of these handpicked routines use two cards, or even cards with a torn corner, it may not be easy to reset the deck in front of people. In fact, most magicians will just take the chosen card, put it on the face of the deck, and put the deck away to reset later. Joshua shares with you a technique to reset the deck in REAL TIME....and let me tell's GENIUS! You can have a spectator name a card, REMOVE the outjogged card from the deck, square the deck up, and still easily put the card back where it belongs without any pinky breaks.

One subtlety covered on this video is the "NEXT TO" subtlety, which is something most people never think about using. It's amazing enough just to pull the chosen face-down card from the deck, but when you know (and declare ahead of time) exactly what card was NEXT TO IT, even before you touch the THAT is like a double punch to the brain! Joshua talks about this subtlety and how you can use it to take your Invisible Deck performance to the next level.

He does cover more topics in this part of the video (like deck switching), but no need to get into that here in this review.

Now for the routines! I will briefly talk about the stand-out ones (which are all VARIATIONS using the Invisible Deck as the catalyst for the magic):

BEYOND INVISIBLE - I love this variation, where not only does the spectator imagine a card, but they tear off the corner of it! The selected card which is in the deck not only is the only card reversed, but it's the only card missing a corner (as if their imagination became reality, complete with the card tearing)! This does require two Invisible Decks, but if you have the pocket space, I think it's a great expansion of the Invisible Deck principle.

INVISIBLE DEEP 3 - As Joshua states, this "takes a card trick and turns it into something else!" This is a great effect which only uses ONE deck, where a person's initials are discovered to be written on two cards. The only downside to this effect is that it won't work if the person's first and last initials are the same (unless you only want to use one card in that instance). However, that aside, this is a very PERSONAL effect that taps into a person's memories, and makes them feel like their life experiences have influenced the deck in an impossible manner.

PIT BOSS - This one uses the ONE AHEAD PRINCIPLE, which capitalizes on the impact of the invisible deck as the finale. I always loved the one ahead principle, and it's routines inside a gambling framework which will make you look like a GOD in Las Vegas!

OUT OF SIGHT - This is Joshua's favorite trick on the video, and I can s

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

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