Programmable Thread System (PTS) Express by Sean Bogunia

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Imagine the response of your audience as a Hanky flies across the stage and then flies out over their heads! This Amazing programmable Remote Activated system can be used as an “Ultimate” ending for my Award Winning Dancing Hank routine or used alone. No computer necessary for programming and no complicated programming skills are needed, anyone can do it! Now you can perform the unforgettable Ralph Adams Dancing Hanky sequence where the hanky jumps in and out of a bottle and perform the Classic Hanky moves perfected by the Great Blackstone’s but, no assistants are needed!!


But wait, there’s more! Much more! This system is not only for a Hanky, but can be used to control other objects, such as raising a tie or a rope out of a basket like a snake, coordinating the movements of a balloon, flying an eerie ghost for a haunted theme, or cause a beautiful butterfly to flit and quiver in an unbelievably realistic flight that you choreograph!


My Programmable Thread System is extremely different from any other flying system you have seen before because true 3-D flight is possible! No more are you limited to a simple stiff back and forth movement across your performance area. Now your Hanky (or other object) can fly in circles, dip, dance, and hover! And with the programmable speed control, you can even adjust and vary the speed of the flight!


This video demo playing shows a variety of things you can do with PTS!



The demo below is from my good friend Anthony Reed performing in Saipan. Watch him perform my entire Complete Dancing Hank Act and end with a *custom PTS! Not only will you will be amazed and entertained, but you will also be inspired! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!


*(TWO COMPLETE PTS SYSTEMS are required for the Anthony Reed performance.)


 Anthony Reed with PTS!


This demo shows PTS from a balcony view over an audience type setting



Over the Audience Demo!



This is a video of Hiro Sakai (famous Japanese Television Magician) performing PTS.



Hiro Sakai on ANB Television



This next demo shows some new moves and ideas using PTS!



New Ideas Demo!



This next demo shows the Amazing Hanky hoop!



Amazing Hanky hoop!



This next demo shows the PTS in use with a Butterfly.



Butterfly with the PTS



Here is a video demo of PTS and Animation Sensation 3.0 working together. PTS has a built in programmable transmitter that can precisely set off your Animation Sensation 3.0 or your Impossible Hank 2.0 at exactly the right moment! In this video you will see PTS activating the Animation Sensation 3.0 two times at the exact moment needed for some really cool transitions between the separate products! Now that's what I call "networking!"




I know what you are thinking...How much is it!!? As you know there are several "flight" systems on the market right now that sell from $4000.00 to $15,000! My Programmable Thread System costs only $2,499.99! Please allow two to three weeks for shipping due to the popularity of this product.



Here are some frequently asked questions!

Are there special lighting requirements for PTS?

Any time you use string there is lighting that you have to consider, the thread is not invisible. The lighting will depend upon what you plan on doing with your PTS. If you use it on stage and you perform the Ralph Adams version, where the Hankies are jumping in and out of the bottle, then you need standard Dancing Hanky lighting, but not dark like Blackstone. His stage was really dark. I believe he did that to hide the string and also to set the mood. I use a royal blue nu-lash material for my backdrop. When I use PTS onstage with this material the lighting is pretty normal and the stage can be very bright as long as you have a light focused directly on your backdrop. In this situation I've been able to perform this effect in school gyms, some banquet rooms, on stage, and in some cases the audience has been very close, but I was able to adjust the lighting to make this possible. I give suggestions for this on the instructional DVD.

How hard is PTS to set up?

My PTS is very user friendly! You do need a ladder for the initial set up, if you plan on using it to have something fly over the heads of the audience. If you want to use PTS only on stage, for example, your setup can be rather quick. Approximately 10 minutes of pre-show set up time if you come prepared. If you are a performer that performs in variety shows and your act is in the middle of the show, you can be set up within two minutes, after your pre-show set up without any worry of other performers disturbing your set up. If you plan on using PTS for flying an object from the stage out over the audience in a 3-D fashion, you will need more time, possibly an hour or two. It really depends upon the conditions at theater or performance area. We all know that every place you perform is different!


How does the PTS compare to the 'Mini-Phantome'?
The 'Mini-Phantome' is very different from my PTS. The 'Mini-Phantome' requires a reset after every use and does not use a program that the performer creates. It simply follows a preset path of flight. The rigging is totally different and so is the concept. As far as I know you also need an off stage assistant to operate 'Mini-Phantome'. With PTS this is not necessary. The performer can set it up and operate it by himself without any need for off stage assistants. Now I'm not saying anything bad about the 'Mini-Phantome' it is a totally different effect. But I will say the video demo is a little deceptive. It's actually a video that repeats, it doesn't constantly fly like that. It only goes through its flight path at one time. Then you have to reset it. The cost is over twice as much as PTS, but it is a great product. I had the opportunity to set one up for a friend and it did exactly what it was supposed to do. Also, like all of my products, if you purchased from me and you're not happy with the item, I will give you your money back! PTS enables you to do things never before possible for the solo performer. And don't think of it as just a Dancing hanky, you can do much more than just Dance a Hanky or fly a ghost. The DVD instructions go over several ideas that have nothing to do with a hanky or ghost.





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