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The classic routine where six cards are shown, three are tossed aside and six still remain. This continues and each time the magician finds he still has six cards remaining. The Six Card Repeat is a perfect opening routine where you want to get your personality across to the audience, and at the same time show them you have skill.

This comes complete with:
Step by step instructions on how to make your own gimmick cards. Perform this with regular cards or jumbo cards - both work well.
Full stand-up comedy routine Paul has uses for years in comedy clubs, cruise ships and corporate shows.
Paul's original handling and routine for his famous Five Card Bunny Repeat - a variation that is perfect for the family entertainer.
Photographs showing the handling and mechanics of this routine making it VERY EASY to learn and perform.

Pages: 32 - 8"x 5" - Softcover - Perfect Bound - Full color cover - Black and white photos

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