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You display a precision brass cube, which is threaded onto a piece of strong cord. You hold the ends of the cord vertically, so of course the cube slides from one end to the other. This isn't so amazing, you might say, but this is where the FUN starts!

Again the cube slides along the cord, but this time you call out "STOP!" and the cube AMAZINGLY and ABRUPTLY STOPS and hangs SUSPENDED at THAT spot on the cord! You now call out "GO !" and the cube STARTS MOVING - and continues its downward journey to the other end of the cord! You repeat this several times, calling out STOP! - GO! - STOP! - GO! finally handing the cube out for examination. No matter how hard ANYONE tries, they CAN NOT stop the cube on command like YOU CAN!

ALSO wonderful for kiddie shows because you get everyone involved in YELLING STOP & GO !

Not only can it be made to stop and go but you can make it SLOWLY crawl down the string. Our Wonderful Cube is always at your command.

GREAT for any occasion and SO EASY TO DO!....once you know the ingenious secret.

This is not the usual mini plastic cube. Ours is a precision made, SOLID BRASS VERSION.

  • Self contained. Nothing added or taken away.
  • No Magnets!
  • The Wonderful Cube can withstand the strongest examination and they will never discover the secret.
  • Even when you know secret of making it stop and start you still will be mystified on how it works.
  • The brass creates a classy pocket trick that is suitable for adults as well as children.
  • Precision made brass cube has colorful circle designs engraved on each side.
  • Cube measures 1/2" square.
  • Colorful string with two faux PEARL ends. When stretched is approximately 33" long.

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