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How many of you have a "Rocky Raccoon" spring animal sitting in a drawer somewhere feeling neglected? Like many people, you've probably seen Rocky featured on television, enticing audiences into non-stop laughter.

Well, at last Jim Pace has come to the rescue with Make Your Spring Puppets Alive - The Training DVD!

No longer will your prop be just a bedspring with fur. Instead, you'll learn how to make this hilarious prop seem to take on a life of its own.

Once you learn how to properly handle your spring animal, it will become one of the most popular parts of your act, adding tons of comedy - and guaranteed laughs. The main thing to remember is that it's not that difficult to learn hot to make your spring animal a happy-go-lucky part of your act. It's just that no one has ever shown you - until now!

Make YOUR Spring Puppets Alive!

Running Time Approximately 16min

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