Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy:

First we recommend you watch this quick tutorial video we filmed, which will show you exactly WHEN individual orders will ship based on the items in your shopping cart:

MJM Magic has three different types of shipping availability options:

  • In Stock: Ships within 24 hours
  • Special Order: Ships within XX amount of days
  • Ships Instantly!

If an item is marked as "In Stock," then that means we physically have it in our store, and it will be shipped no later than 24 hours after receiving your payment (sometimes shipping even the same day). If for any reason we cannot ship your order in time, we will issue a gift certificate for 10% of your purchase amount. It's just our way of paying you back for your patience.

We guarantee our "Within 24-hour" shipping policy every day of the week except Sunday's, simply because the United States Postal Service does not deliver packages on those days. Obviously, holidays and other federal observances do not apply.

If you are paying by anything other than a credit card (like check, PayPal, money order), then your order won't be shipped until we have verified the payment. As soon as that happens, we will have your order shipped within 24 hours.

If an item is marked as "Special Order", this means that we don't currently have this item on our shelves, but we can easily get it from our distributors. Since it usually takes a certain number of business days for us to get these items delivered to us (depending on the distributor), we ship them out immediately after they arrive. Special ordering allows us to expand our inventory, giving you even more things to buy at our low price guarantee, without us having to physically stock these items on our shelves.

NOTE: Just because you purchase a Special Order item does NOT mean that they are guaranteed to be in stock. Sometimes the distributor is currently out of special order items and it's on backorder. If this is the case, and you happen to purchase something on special order that will not be available to us within the predefined number of business days, we will let you know immedietely by email. If the special order item that you bought is on backorder and you don't want to wait for it, we will refund that amount back to you. Otherwise, we will ship it out as soon as it comes in stock. If you would like to know ahead of time whether or not a special order item is going to be in stock before you purchase it, contact our Customer Service department.

** If you happen to order a mixture of In Stock and Special Order items, then your total order will ship as soon as your Special Order items arrive. This way, shipping costs are minimized and we only have to ship one package out. We want to make that clear. If you buy something that is marked as "In Stock", meaning it ships within 24 hours, but you also have a Special Order item in your order (which ships within a specified number of business days), then your total order will ship within that many days, including your in stock item.

If an item is marked as 'Ships Instantly', then it is one of our Killer Downloads or Streaming Video products. To read more about these, click here.

Free Shipping and Worldwide Shipping - Click Here for more Info.

Return & Cancellation Policy:

Note: We will not accept any returns unless it is approved through our customer service department first. Any return sent back to us without proper authorization may be sent back to you at your cost.

We stand by all of our products here at MJM Magic. In fact, we only feature and sell those things which we have personally inspected. Since we hate to be shipped anything bad or defective, we will never do the same to you.

If, however, you do receive something from us that is defective or damaged (perhaps due to its transportation via the Postal Service), we will gladly send you a new one, free of charge, as long as you send the defective item back to us. We will not simply refund your money, simply because many people only want to know how a trick is done...and then request a refund after they find out. This is not how this business works. We are not only selling a trick but a secret as well. Once that secret is learned, there is no way to return that.

However, we give detailed information on our products page to help you decide on what to buy before making the final purchase.

Again, we will accept NO RETURNS on any items that a customer simply isn't "satisfied" with, or doesn't meet their expectations.  We trust our customers will research which items they want to get before making their purchase to determine if it's right for them.  Only defective items will be accepted for a full exchange for the exact same thing.

Cancellations: All cancellations (either before or after your order ships) may be given back as store credit.  If you CANCEL an item that you Special Ordered, then we will be an additional 20% restocking fee that is taken off the return credit.  This is because we Special Order an item based on your commitment to take it.  So if we go through the trouble of ordering the item and having it shipped to us, then we are essentially STUCK with the item if you change your mind, and that causes us to spend money that we didn't need to spend.  The 20% fee helps us to recoup some of the cost for the cancelled transaction.  (The exception to this is if you cancel an item that is on backorder.  If you order something and it's backordered, you have the right to cancel with no fee because the item is unavailable and hasn't yet been shipped).  So bottom line: make sure you know what you want BEFORE you have us special order an item for you.

Shipping Charges: We do not pay for return shipping charges on items if you chose to have it originally sent to you via Free Shipping.  Otherwise, we are paying for shipping twice.  If however, you opted to pay for your own shipping upon initial delivery and the item needs to be returned, we will reimburse you whatever return shipping charge you have to pay to send it back to us.  Likewise, if you purchased something with Free Shipping and send it back to us for a store credit, we will issue the store credit minus our initial shipping cost.

Time Limitations: We will only issue exchanges/returns for defective items within 30 DAYS of purchase. That's our in-store warranty period.  Anything after that time would need to be taken up with the vendor or manufacturer of the item.

There are many reasons for this.  Most importantly, we as a store usually only have 30 days to return any defects to the vendor who ships them to us.  If you purchase an item and wait longer than 30 days to contact us, then the vendor won't accept the return.  If they don't accept the return, then they don't issue a credit.  And if they don't issue a credit, that means YOU aren't compensated.  This is why it's important to notify our team quickly if you have a defective item, so that we can authorize you to return it and we can get you a credit from the vendor.

If you wait longer than the 30 day in-store time period, then it's your responsibility to try and take the issue up with the manufacturer of the item.

Another reason for the 30 day time-period is to prevent people from using perfectly good items, then damaging them and expecting us to pay for the new ones. The same goes with DVD's. If you order a DVD and then a few weeks go by before you say, "It's damaged," we are not entitled to replace it for you. This is why we give a 30 day grace period to check out all your merchandise to see if it's acceptable to you. We have made exceptions in the past, but this is our general rule which we adhere to at our discretion. We reserve the right to deny any return claim at any time.

Other returns (or cancellations before shipping) may be subject up to a 20% Return Processing Fee when refunding your money or getting store credit.

Downloads: There are absolutely no returns on any virtual, downloadable or streaming items.

Price Adjustments

We have no problem adjusting prices to match a competitor before you make a purchase. In fact, if you purchase something with us and then find it cheaper somewhere else (within 2 weeks of purchase), we will credit you the difference! However, anything after the two week grace period will not apply.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please Contact Us.



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