The Destiny Response by Richard Busch

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The Destiny Response by Richard Busch

The premise of this work is all about the participant and their inner psychological experience, where their thoughts feel inevitable as they freely arrive and are mysteriously shared with the psychic entertainer without manipulation and resistance. This naturally builds a bond and a connection, one that is long remembered. The book is complete with the history of the premise, theory, language, presentations, effects to perform, as well as the examples you need to then apply the approach to your own ESP, mindreading type work.

The "hypnotic" influence of my teacher's teacher Dr. Milton H. Erickson will be showcased even including some very rare photos of him I guarantee will be new to you. I'll even show you what clients in my office look at moments before they go into a lovely eyes-opened (formal) "trance" for the very first time. No, of course it isn't that silly old hypno-spiral. Find out from a real hypnosis professional some of the technical secrets we use and depend on that are applicable to performing mentalism.

If you want to communicate more effectively with a participant, you want to buy and learn to elicit The Destiny Response. Early drafts were endorsed by Larry Becker, Barrie Richardson, Banachek, and others. Foreword by Bruce Bernstein. The book is on heavy laser paper with a glossy color cover, 52 pgs. Guys, I put my soul into these pages!

Larry Becker writes:
"Richard's new "The Destiny Response" is outstanding. A seminal work on approaching the Holy Grail of mentalism ... creating the illusion of "the real thing." If I could speak like Richard writes, I'd be a true mindreader. I heartily add my highest recommendation, not that Richard needs it. Anything he puts his mind to is first class and an important addition to mentalism literature."

Banachek writes:
"Richard Busch has done it again. Unlike any other writer I know, he truly understands how to give meaning and substance to an effect, taking it from the mere realm of trickery to a stunning work of mystery and astonishment. The right word here, the right word there, a logical reason for what we do, Richard Busch is the master at this type of presentation."

Ford Kross writes:
"I was fortunate enough to receive an early copy of Richard's latest brain child. Those of you looking for something similar to his previous work on peeks may be disappointed. For Richard has turned from methods to language and presentation. How to evoke the most memorable effect from your performance, through the use of language and consciousness alteration. He turns to his personal experience as a hypnotherapist, to take you down the linguistic path to more efficacious presentations. Like all Busch material, this is meant to be studied, not read. For all serious students of mentalism, this is required reading."

Barrie Richardson writes:
"This is a provocative manuscript. I read every sentence slowly and stopped after every paragraph to think about the stimulating ideas. This is not a book of stunts and tricks. Rather, it is a way of presenting mentalism so that it will have a positive and meaningful impact on the participants and the audience.

Doing a demonstration so that the participant will not feel like she has been tricked or that the performer is showing off his abilities, but rather feel like she is an active partner in an inexplicable and memorable experiment is not an easy thing to do. Richard Busch gives you both insightful theory and practical examples on how to make your mentalism more powerful and meaningful. Correctly done, persons who have participated in an astonishing demonstration in which they were psychologically vested will be thrilled by the experience and anxious to tell others. This in not true for most of the routines many of us do. The Destiny Response is not a book of mental secrets, but rather a book of performance secrets."

Richard Osterlind writes:
"Did you ever wonder why some performer's always seem to get a great reaction? It goes far beyond effect. In Richard Busch's The Destiny Response you will learn how to make a dramatic leap in your approach to mentalism. Everything Richard Busch writes is worthy of great study, but The Destiny Response takes you into his very soul! Please do me a favor, get and read this!" 

Joe Zabel writes:
"The Destiny Response is a compelling work that proposes an essential approach to mentalism that personally involves our audiences in a way that is both meaningful and relevant to them. Richard Busch accomplishes this through both a fascinating discussion of evocative communicative concepts and the practical application of compelling mysteries from his personal repertoire. In my opinion, The Destiny Response marks a major step forward in the advancement of the art of mentalism."

Robert Lamont writes:
"Just completed Richard Busch's The Destiny Response. I must compliment him on elaborating on a side of presentation that I have not seen. I loved the whole thing. It is truly for the alchemists of the mind and a milestone in bringing mental presentations to a level felt by only a few - Richard and those who have ears to see with.

I cannot know what destiny your heart is now embracing. I can only ask and share if willing my thoughts with you. But if you choose, as you have (Richard) to share your feelings in a way that touches the very soul of those who are lucky enough to know you, special enough to have felt the power of your deepest thoughts, then you honour me by the experience of your company, your words. I have walked through the pages of your mind by invitation and I thank you for leaving a passion, an undeniable understanding that when something feels right, it simply is. I know you feel, I can see you love, and the honour was mine. …Thank you Richard.

The above is a pale reflection of things to come in The Destiny Response."

Gerard Senehi writes:
"This book is able to concretely describe the HOW to of making the experience of mystery/psychic entertainment as close to real as can possibly get. In fact my experience is that even when true miracles happen, it may not land in the person as well as when the experience is given depth and weight in the way that Richard describes. I think people who dare to, or want to dare to have impact on the audience will appreciate the value of this little gem. Thank you Richard!"

Ade Rutter writes:
"I think The Destny Response is an exceptional work, as for some time now I have thought that the future of mentalism is not about new technologies but about performing cleaner and purer. I was missing one part of the puzzle, and that is what you have given to me and mentalism in general with The Destiny Response; the complete picture!

I expect that in the future The Destiny Response will be looked back upon as the turning of a page, to a new chapter. I know my own mentalism is leaping forward with meaning thanks to your generosity, and I am sure the same can be said of untold mystery performers across the globe now, G-d bless you."

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    Richard Busch

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