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In this book Luca Volpe will take you on a journey in his mind, presenting a full stage show that will fit in a small box and will play really big! It is a show that Luca Volpe has performed on cruise ships for many years that has been tested through hundreds of performances. He selected his best material from his lectures and repertoire and updated it with tips and ideas that have never been revealed until now! Not only that, Luca Volpe will tell you how to promote your show and how to brand yourself, choosing the best marketing material, plus advice on audience management, cruise ship work and much more!

You will learn about his personal approach to "Meaningful Mentalism", where he will take you inside the wonderful world of the Psychic Entertainment, teaching you routines that will allow you to connect with people on a very personal level.

Also included is the "Psychometry Pendulum Q&A Act", where pendulums and Tarot will work together in harmony, creating a simple but effective act which will require no preparation or long setup. As a bonus you will also find links to download videos and graphics files that you will need for some of the routines in the book.

Within this book you will find years of experience in show business, that will help you get started or will inspire you to develop new approaches and ideas toward the Art of Mentalism.

"Purchasing this book you will also get a free one hour Skype consultation with Luca Volpe where you can ask him about the routines, presentation, staging and anything inside the book so that you will be able to move your performances to the next level! This Skype session alone is worth a lot more of the price of the book!"

Note: In order to book your Skype session you will need proof of purchase. You will need to contact Luca Volpe via email first in order to arrange the Skype meeting based on his availability.

Here is some of the contents of the book:


The Lucky Envelopes 3.0, Psychometry Drawing, The Imaginary Journey, Pin Number revelation (In&Out 2.0), The Key of Fate plus Bonus Idea (bonus never revealed before), Psychometry Q&A Act, The Mystic Touch, The Dream, Fears plus ideas on opening act and extra bonus to download via private link included in the book.

Chapters: The Structure of the show, Audience management, how to chose the right participant, building your stage persona, marketing material, brand yourself, promotional videos, promote your show, cruise ship work, meaningful mentalism, psychic entertainment, psychic parties, Q&A Act discussion, how to read people, one to one mentalism and much more...

126 pages, softcover.

Foreword by Marc Paul

"I met Luca for the first time this year (2015) BUT I have known of his excellent reputation, particularly in the cruise industry, for many years. When we met it felt like I had known him for years. Even though I'm English and he's Italian we talk the same language; that language is mentalism. BUT it goes deeper than that, many magicians learn the language but they never learn to speak it fluently like a native. They are certainly passable at being understood by their audiences but the deep understanding that comes from experience is missing. Mentalism is an immersive subject. If you really want to succeed you have to immerse yourself completely and for a long time. Luca speaks the same language as me because we have both spent most of our lives working in the real world for real people. This means that Luca has developed an extremely deep understanding of his art. In other words he's a very experienced professional and when a very experienced PRO writes about what they have learnt I always pay attention, and you should too.

"You are about to read a 'blue print' of how to succeed as a professional mentalist. You'll be taught a well-structured 30 minute act, with multiple moments of amazement, that fits into a small box. It can play for 10 to 1000 people. You can make a living with this act alone, but Luca doesn't stop there. He provides you with ALL of his experience about how to create the maximum impact with your mentalism, how to give it meaning, how to manage an audience, how to promote yourself etc. he holds nothing back and gives you the truth.

"These are the real secrets and are worth so much more than the latest method to a trick. The title of "Total Mentalism" is well chosen as you are literally getting EVERYTHING. Luca's experience shines throughout this book. Read it, absorb it and reflect upon it, but remember at some point you need to act upon it so that YOU can start adding to and developing your own experience. I'm reminded of a Latin quote that sums up my thoughts on all of this... 'Ars Longa, Vita Brevis'. Art is long, life is short.

"I had a great time with Luca and learned from his experience... now it's your turn. Enjoy."
- Marc Paul

Better Together Discount
Buy this item, get a Crimson Resurrection Deck (Limited Edition) by Dan Sperry and MJM Magic at 50% off (discount deducted during checkout...add both items to cart to qualify!)

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