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Tommy's Traveling Gifts is the perfect routine to help spice up your Christmas themed magic shows!
Tommy has taken his three phase ABC Blocks routine and not only themed it with Christmas gifts, but has added a brand new feature in the form of a magic house which greatly strengthens an already magical routine. You will LOVE the added additon of this new magical house! And the kids will too!

Display the North Pole attached to a stand and a large tube with the North Pole on the front. Display three different colored gifts yellow, green and blue. Display the house and remove the front door, tipping the house to the audience giving them a full view of the inside. Replace the door and the fun begins. Stack the gifts onto the pole and cover them with the tube. Lift the front door of the house showing it empty. If Santa could just magically make presents fly from the North Pole to your house, this is what it would look like! Magic, magic, magic! When you lift the tube the yellow gift is gone! Lift the door of the house and there is the yellow gift inside the house!

Remove the yellow gift and offer to do it again with a different colored gift. Replace the gifts onto the North Pole and cover them with the tube. Magic  Magic, magic! Remove the tube and the blue gift is gone. Open the door of the house and . . . there is no blue gift. It has vanished! You pick up the tube from your table and the kids are quick to tell you the blue gift was under the tube. Oops! Quickly place the blue gift into the house, desperately trying to cover up your "mess." But the kids aren't buying it as they SAW you place it into the house.

Offer to let the kids try, but reassure them that they are much too small be able to do it. Restack the gifts onto the North Pole and cover with the tube. Lift the front door of the house showing it empty. Have all the kids concentrate and try to do the magic. The tube is lifted and the yellow gift is gone. Lift the door of the house and there it is, inside the previously shown empty house! The kids are in their absolute glory that THEY were able to make the magic happen!
You will love the features of this new prop. The pole is 12-1/2" high and attached to a stand.  The gifts are 3-1/2" square and the colors are bright and vibrant. The Tube is 11-1/2" high and 4" square. The house is 6" high, 5-1/2" wide the gimmick is extremely deceptive even at close range.
An absolutely beautiful outfit and routine that will help to enhance your Christmas themed Magic shows!

  • Manufactured by:
    Tommy James

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