Wonderful Surprises (Life of Marco the Magi)

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240-page biography of Marco the Magi, with color photographs Researched and written over many years by Avrom Karl Surath, an original member of Le Grand David and his own Spectacular Magic Company, Wonderful Surprises carries you through Marco the Magi's childhood and youth in Cuba up to the present time as producer and director of Beverly?s famed magic troupe. The author?s research brought him in contact with members of the Cuban diaspora who were Marco's friends and members of his theatre company when they were all beginning their lives in Cuba. The author was present when they rediscovered him in America fifty years later.

The book recounts the revolution and the agony of Marco's forced exile. It covers his seven years of doctoral studies and friendship with Abraham Maslow at Brandeis University. It gives new perspectives on his founding of the Le Grand David stage magic ensemble. It shows how the genial magician has incorporated Maslow's principles of eupsychian management in the colorful and often surprising life of the magic company over its thirty-year-plus history.

The book was over five years in the writing and is based on Marco's personal recollections and interviews with students and friends from his youth. It tells how his former students at the Collegio Marista, now exiles in America, discovered that the renowned magician Marco the Magi was ?their Cesareo.? Visits to Miami to interview them produced rich material for the book. Members of the Cuban diaspora who had been part of his theatre company in Cuba also rediscovered him after reading about him in the national press. Their vivid recollections bring to life this important chapter in Marco's biography.

The book includes forewords by John Fisher, Dr. Ricardo Morant (Fierman Professor of Psychology, emeritus at Brandeis), and Luis Puello, a former student in Santa Clara, Cuba. Chapters contain interviews with Cesareo about how he conceived and directed the shows. It also includes interviews with Le Grand David about his role in the productions.

It is about 220 pages of text with 20 pages of color photographs interspersed throughout.

Here is a list of chapter titles with a brief description of contents.

Chapter 1 - A Teacher: introduces Cesareo as a teacher (his vocation)
Chapter 2 - Childhood: description of his early years
Chapter 3 - Mirre's Follies: his theatre company in Cuba
Chapter 4 - Kansas, Revolution, and Exile
Chapter 5 - Maslow years: his years at Brandeis University studying with Abraham Maslow
Chapter 6 - Cumbres: the growth center he founded in the late 1960s
Chapter 7 - Beginnings: his university teaching tenure
Chapter 8 - How Do You Explain: purchasing a theatre and first stages of forming the Le Grand David troupe
Chapter 9 - Moving In: opening the Cabot and early organization
Chapter 10 - Marco and Le Grand David: what his stage production is like
Chapter 11 - Larcom: purchase and restoration of the Larcom Theatre and its new show
Chapter 12 - Letters: Cesareo's M-U-M column as president of SAM
Chapter 13 - Health and Heart Mending: stories of his leadership of the company
Chapter 14 - David, Martha and Marian: children born into the magic company and their magician uncle
Chapter 15 - Luis (rediscovering El Teacher thanks to an article in MAGIC magazine)
Chapter 16 - A Cuban Album: recollections of fellow exiles
Chapter 17 - 2001 Response to National Tragedy
Chapter 18 - A Cuban Album Two: those who performed with him in Cuba visit Beverly
Chapter 19 - Victory of the Spirit: Cesareo suffered a significant stroke in 2005 and made a triumphant return to the stage
Chapter 20 - Sustaining and Enhancing: on we go

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