Christmas Wishlist 2012....and what's yours?

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Christmas Wishlist 2012....and what's yours?

Postby vanishintonight » Wed Nov 07, 2012 11:07 pm

Hi, everyone!....Just thought of asking each and every one of you what is your Christmas wishlist from MJM, and why?
Thought I'd limit it to the top 12 wishes. Here's mine:
1) Classic Force (Paul Green)- Every magician should know how to do this force.
2) Ultimate Wild Card- The effect is just too powerful, blows you away!
3) Mystery Box 2- Used to have it, it's a killer of an effect when used with the Mercury Fold
4) Closure- Such a different type of close-up! I need variety
5) Captain & Coke 2.0- Wow, an upgrade on Scotch & Soda
6) NLP & magic, other secrets- Will help with my overall performance of the art of magic
7) Myth- This just boggles my mind....
8) Terror Surprise- so spooky, and looks incredible
9) Jumpink- To enhance my spur of the moment close-up; and get away from usual cards & coins
10) Knockout Prediction Outdone- it looks like a total knockout!
11) Coinvexed- Bending coins instead of keys- awesome
12) Fickle- Amazing in your face card transpo! there's mine, what's yours?.........Michael :)
PS: Have to add the 2 DVDs by John Bannon- Bullet Party & Bullets After Dark.
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