Pro Carrier by Joshua Jay

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Pro Carrier by Joshua Jay

Postby Khuldrin » Sun Nov 18, 2012 6:16 pm

The reason I picked this item up was for pocket management and not feel loaded down. The Pro Carrier can be worn on the belt and has enough room for a deck of cards and a couple of other items.

The description:
This is the way to transport your playing cards. Used by professionals all over the world and the best-selling and most heralded accessory of its kind, the Pro Carrier is a case for all your close-up items.

Not only does it have a pocket for your deck (with deck clamp if you like), but it has an exterior window for business cards and an interior window for your favorite packet trick. It has two additional storage pockets for extra cards or predictions, and a zippered coin purse that will store up to four half-dollars. It has loops for your belt or will fit comfortably in your pocket, and it is made of soft, fine leather.

This is the classiest way we know of to transport your cards and coins, and it’s available at an attractive price.

I am not happy with the coin purse, the zipper opened once and never closed... it zips perfectly each direction but will not shut. With the slider part being metal, will it put nicks/dents in any extra cards I carry? I would prefer a leather flap that folds down over the top of the purse area for closure and not had the zipper.
The interior pocket for the packet trick will hold 3 to four cards and if you want to use it for your NFW, well, I would not suggest putting that packet trick in there.

If one does CMH, you do have a decent place to carry rubberbands, perhaps some ribbon or string for a ring and string/ribbon effect, up to 4 half dollars, and a few special gaff cards. If you put too much in the Pro Carrier, the flap will not close right or there is a chance to bend the packet cards, (I placed 1 deck of cards, B'Wave, Hopping Halves, an ESP deck {25 cards}, 5 business cards) and the carrier would not close. If the flap had a section of elastic in it at a hinge point, I do believe that there would not have been a problem with the flap closing and possible bent B'Wave cards.

So, I still have to carry some things in my pockets which I was hoping to get away from. I have an ok looking card carrier for my belt though I will be removing the plastic exterior window since I do not like the shine of it. Had I only wanted a card carrier for my belt I would have bought ... -5906.html which is less costly and IMHO looks better.
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