My Best of the Year Top 6 Close-Up purchases

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My Best of the Year Top 6 Close-Up purchases

Postby vanishintonight » Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:21 pm

Greetings!...I'd like to share with everyone the Top 4 best of the year purchases for close-up/street magic, and why.
I'd love to hear about what your top 4 are and why. Here goes, the Top 4:
1) "Thought Transmitter". With this I can obtain any number or letter or card a person simply thinks of and writes down
on a small post-it. Works well with the Invisible Deck (which is a must for all magicians), equally close-up or on stage.
It has instant re-set, and you can carry it with you at all times & there is no preparation, and so easy to perform.
2) "Rattled". It simply drives people crazy!...You have your water bottle that you use to refresh yourself with, and when
ever you want (and dependent on how you want to present it) you perform miracles- effortlessly!
3) "Rehab". The best, easiest, impromptu, instant re-set Torn & Restored Card you'll ever need! The nice thing about it
is that you can perform other card effects prior to or afterwards.
4) "Haunted". What no thread work? Yes, this is the Haunted Deck brought into the 21st century! So easy, instant re-set,
and you can perform other card effects prior to or afterwards. I love it!
5) "First Hand". Strong, visual magic that happens in the spectator's hands!
6) "Ultimate Silver & Copper with Brass Bang Ring". Beautiful, visual coin magic!....A must have!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my Top 6 and I look forward to hearing about your Top 6 close-up/street magic effects
that you've been working on this year.....Enjoy......Michael :)
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