My Best of the Year Top 4 Stage purchases

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My Best of the Year Top 4 Stage purchases

Postby vanishintonight » Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:38 pm

Greetings!....My listing wouldn't be complete without mentioning my Top 4 of the year Birthday/Stage magic effects that
I've purchased so far. First, I'd like to mention that I did upgrade to a newer set of Chop Cups & Balls and Dove Pan.
Well, here are my Top 4:
1) "Master Levitation System". I'm still learning- I've never done thread work but this has been recommended to me as
the best way to begin learning; and I do believe that it is true! The DVD makes everything so clear and takes away
all the fears that I had about working with thread. It will be a while, but soon, I'll be levitating objects!
2) "Professional Fountain of Silks". I simply love this effect. I use it in my routine (after my opener- "Flower Power") where
I produce a silk and then attempt to vanish it but it turns into a 25' (or 50') mouth coil and then from the coils comes the
Fountain of Silks- which ends with a bouquet of flowers! Audiences love it! The routine I use was shown to me by
another magician, and my best man at my wedding. The load is compact, opens easily, and the silks are plentiful and
3) "Color Changing Shoelaces". A favorite of audiences everywhere, especially for the younger ones. You can also do this
as a close-up/street magic effect. I like David Ginn's shoelaces the best.
4) "OutStanding". Imagine performing the classic Out of This World on stage!....Great audience participation and a real
show-stopper! No one can imagine how it happened!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my Top 4 of the year, and I look forward to hearing about your Top 4!......Enjoy.....
Michael :)
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