Magic for Sale or Trade

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Magic for Sale or Trade

Postby rockinmagic » Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:24 am

Paul Harris presents YaYa. Like new. Includes Dvd and all gimmicks. $18

Brian Platts The Dance $12.00

Stone Frixion Fire Dvd with Pen and Ebook $15.00

Payment needs to be done by Paypal.

Shipping- Continental United States only. I prefer to ship Priority Mail whenever possible. This usually runs 5 dollars and change with an extra 75 cents for delivery confirmation. This gets you the item in 3 to 5 days and gets me piece of mind over and above first class mail. So lets say you pay 4 dollars for shipping and I will chip in the other three dollars. Fair?

Trades- I am interested in the following-Miracles for Mortals Volume 1 or the I hate David Copperfield Dvd by Geoff Willliams
Twilight Angels by Paul Harris
Divining Rod by Allen Zingg and Blaine Harris
UV Nightshades by Paul Harris
Also looking to trade Astonishing New Twists with Paul Harris' Reality Twister by Pete McCabe (book) for Lubor Lens Dvd
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