SSS by Shin Lim

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SSS by Shin Lim

Postby Khuldrin » Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:02 am

SSS by Shin Lim

The Advert blurb is in this font
My opinions and review are in this font

With NO sleeves, NO complicated hookup,
True, it is not complicated but it is impractical for a strolling/table hopping magician
and NO noise, you can cleanly produce smoke from an isolated place far away from your hands. Imagine standing 2 feet away from an untouched glass cup. Then, imagine that glass cup slowly, eerily filling up with a cloud of white smoke.
True again, NO noise, and I did imagine being able to walk up to a table, setting a glass down and it filling with smoke... but alas... not going to happen the way I imagined.
Imagine have the power to produce smoke literally ANYWHERE.
WOW did I have an IMAGINATION because I imagined ANYWHERE as being done without a table. Perhaps the blurb should have stated ... ANYWHERE you can set up your Close Up pad and have the spectators come to your table.
Alright, alright... {see about 45 seconds and 1:08 into the demo video for no close up pad use} Shin Lim does go into a way of a hookup (which may not be complicated but sure seems awkward) and he admits it is only an idea, he does not use it that way.

On this DVD, Shin teaches you how to make the gimmick from scratch with the exact parts that he uses to make his own Smoke gimmick. And before you shy away from the idea of spending hours upon hours making the gimmick; Don't worry! The gimmick takes literally 10 minutes to make, costs under $25.00
Perhaps it should have stated as little as $25.00 and a minimum of 10 minutes?
and will last you for years. In fact, most of the parts that Shin will require you to get are readily available from local stores as well as on line.

The way this DVD was put together and produced has much to be desired... I would have thought that an award winning magician (see the trophy at about the 2:00 mark in the demo video?) would have scripted and practiced prior to filming and putting out the product. Tedious and redundant filler words such as uhms and uhhz taking place in a totally impromptu studio with what sounded like an impromptu script. If that's how his award winning act is... just sayin...

Other parts of the demo video that to me, seem misleading: At the 1:02 mark... PERFORM COMPLETELY SURROUNDED, not if you are using the close up pad version but perhaps if you are using the hookup idea (which he does not use because it is only an idea and not audience tested)?
At the 1:32 mark in the demo video he shows smoke come out of his mouth with a card change and he says he will teach how to do it... he doesn't get into it though I figured it out myself, just turn a camera on after getting smoke into the mouth and holding it there for effect

You will have the ability to produce the cleanest smoke at will without worrying about spectators hearing any noise or hum. This is SSS.

*Included in this DVD is a gimmick that is “the right size” and a harder to find in small quantities than the other parts required,
REALLY??? I have bought the 'included gimmick' in various lengths for other projects without any difficulty!
which is why it was included.
No, my opinion as to why it was included?... something NEEDED to be included other than an overly priced idea with a poorly produced DVD
However, every single part of SSS can be found at any hardware, CVS store, etc. or online for under $25.00. (Shin goes in extreme detail of how and where to get them)
Do not insult my intelligence by opening your laptop, going to a website and showing me how to find items needed via internet... The web address and name of products is all I really need if I want to purchase the needed items via the internet..

I do give credit for a neat idea, but it is, IMHO, extremely over priced for what is received. If there would have been some real world footage of this being used to back up the claims of ANYWHERE and COMPLETELY SURROUNDED, I may not feel the same way... of being lead down a garden path and to an extent, cheated.
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Re: SSS by Shin Lim

Postby Lance Perriera » Tue Mar 19, 2013 1:35 pm

Great review. Glad I read this. I was thinking really hard about this. Some OK reviews on it but mostly bad. Glad I saved 25 bucks. :ugeek: :ugeek:
Want to see a trick.
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