Chop Cups and Balls Combo - Aluminum (Large)

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Chop Cups and Balls Combo - Aluminum (Large)

Postby vanishintonight » Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:32 pm

We introduced this apparatus to the magic fraternity in 1968. Widely acclaimed by magicians. A revolutionary breakthrough in Cup & Ball manipulation. We have combined two great close-up classics. The Chop Chop Cup and the immortal Cups & Balls and we came up with "THE CHOP CUPS & BALLS - COMBINATION".
Now you can perform a smooth flowing routine featuring your best Chop Cup moves combined with your favorite Cups & Balls sleights. The result—A CLOSE-UP ROUTINE THAT CANNOT BE BEAT.
Cups are the same design as the standard "MORRISSEY CUPS".
YOU RECEIVE: Three spun metal cups, highly polished. One of the cups is gimmicked, similar to the Chop Chop Cup. Three Hand Knit (Crocheted) Balls. One of the balls is gimmicked.
This is brand new; the magnet on the Chop Cup is so powerful that the shimmed crotchet ball WILL NOT dislodge itself-
however, makes for a GREAT Cups & Balls. Maybe you know the secret to demagnetize the Chop Cup. The 3 cups measure 3 1/2" high, with a 2 1/2" diameter. They are aluminum. The balls (3) are red, 1" diameter. Originally paid $53...they can be yours for $30 in MJM gift certificates.... Any questions let me know- they come with a brown drawstring bag, and are in Brand New condition....... Michael :)
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