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Balance (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Joshua Jay - Trick

  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginner
  • Manufactured by: Vanishing Inc.

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First came "Inferno," which won Trick of the Year in 2012. Then came "Out of Sight," which fooled Penn & Teller. After eight years of development, performed exclusively at the end of Joshua Jay's parlor shows, he is ready to unveil a sensational, unique wonder... AND SAVE if you buy early because the retail price goes up $50 on January 1st, 2019.

Balance features the rarest effect in magic: suspension. An eclectic but ordinary group of objects is passed out for close examination: a bottle, a card box, a pencil, a toothbrush, and a crayon box. NOTHING sticky, no strings - totally normal.

The objects are collected and, one by one, the objects are stacked, first in ways that seem impressive but possible, and then in ways that are COMPLETELY impossible. At the end, your audience is left with a stunning, impossible sculpture -- each object hanging impossibly in the air without explanation.

Balance is the perfect closer or encore piece for a parlor show because it is SO unlike anything else that would appear in a magic show. And unlike most magic, Balance LIVES in a state of impossibility. With every phase you build, the magic is staring at your audience, even after you've left the stage.

A New Kind of Magic: One thing Joshua didn't expect as he developed Balance is the unusual, 21st-century quality associated with it. People HAVE to take pictures of it. They can't help themselves. It's too unusual NOT to remember, and everyone wants to take home evidence of what they've seen. Over time, Joshua has learned to lean into this, actually allowing his audiences to film it and get pictures of it afterward.

A Stunning Package of Props: You receive everything you need to perform Balance in a beautiful foil-encrusted box. Your props for the trick are kept in a velvet box that allows you to switch the examined objects for the specially-made props imperceptibly onstage, without any special pockets or servante. The hinged box has protective "wings," so you can perform Balance virtually surrounded. You receive ten hand-crafted props that have each been designed under Josh's watchful eye. And, you get Joshua Jay on video, one of magic's best teachers, taking you through every detail of the routine.

Perform it Immediately: Joshua's creations take years to develop and, in some cases, years of practice to perform. Happily, Balance can be performed within MINUTES of opening the box for the first time. The only skill you'll need is FAKING the difficulty of doing it.

Exclusivity: Due to the extremely intense manufacturing process, and the years of development, Balance is offered at $200. When you SEE the package, you'll realize what a bargain this is. The whole package exudes quality, and this is a small investment in what will become the closing piece of your show. And, the price will necessarily keep the routine from becoming over-exposed. You will likely be the only one in your area performing Balance.

Quality You Can't Fake: Joshua Jay does NOT release magic often. We get a glimpse into his creative process every five years or so, when he releases something new. That's why his magic -- from "Triad Coins" to "Inferno" to "Out of Sight" -- is IMMEDIATELY snatched up upon release, and it's hard to keep his creations in stock. He thinks through every aspect of an effect, from the theatrics to the product design, right down to how to reset between shows. THAT is what you're investing in with Balance: years of painstaking detail.

Customer Reviews:

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by skydog
Date Added: 04/13/2019
I have added something to the routine that makes it even more believable. I pass out a magnet along with the toothbrush, pencil, crayon box, and card box. They can see for themselves that nothing is magnetic. This really adds a lot. Maybe you could pass this along to manufacturer.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by David
Date Added: 04/11/2019
Balance is one of the most intricate and beautiful magical effects that has ever been produced. Yes, it's pricey, but it is completely worth it. Josh and his team have done something so incredible with creating this effect. It's old world craftsmanship in something with ordinary objects that creates one of the most stunning, modern illusions. It looks even more incredible in person, and even knowing how it's done, you just can't help leaving it constructed and staring at it. Something not covered enough in the video promos is the case to contain all the items. It is really nice and allows you to carry most or all your close up magic props as well. You will be doing the effect right along with Josh as he takes you thru each step and how to look as flawless as he does when performing this magical miracle (and YES, it is VERY easy to perform. After practicing a few times, I already have the nuance and presentation down perfect) people throw around the idea of certain magical effects having great potential to be 'closers' for your show, and that description is completely accurate here. If you do this, you have to leave it for last. You can't follow it, it's that amazing. Don't think about it, just buy it. It's going to pay for itself in no time with all the extra shows you'll get when spectators at one event want to hire you for their own future events.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Paul J. Davids
Date Added: 12/22/2018
Balance is a fabulous illusion with an excellent online instruction video.
I saw this performed at the Magic Castle, was totally baffled and now am thrilled to be able to perform it myself. It also lends itself to creativity in dreaming up new pattern to go along with the effects.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 26 November, 2018.

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    • Q. Will replacement gimmicks be available?
    • A. Yes. We have made the gimmicks to last a long time so you shouldn’t ever need to replace your gimmicks but in the unlikely event that you do, you just need to contact our customer support department and they will happily assist you.

    • Q. Are the TV rights for “Balance” included when I purchase?
    • A. There sure is.

    • Q. Can you disassemble the structure in front of an audience?
    • A. Absolutely! Joshua Jay doesn’t do it this way but you could if you wanted to.

    • Q. How does the effect end?
    • A. Joshua likes to leave the structure in place. People LOVE to take pictures of it. It’s a cool oddity. Of course, you can disassemble it in front of an audience if you like.

    • Q. I don’t want the cigarette version. Can I get the crayon version instead?
    • A. Every “Balance” comes with a crayon. We then teach you how to change it to a cigarette if you wish.

    • Q. Are the objects customizable?
    • A. You can customize the crayon, the bottle, the card box and the crayon box. You receive a PDF instruction sheet which teaches you how to do this.

    • Q. How easy is “Balance” to do?
    • A. Very easy. It’s almost self-working!

    • Q. Are the objects examinable?
    • A. Yes, all of the objects are examinable before the effect. The box (which is provided) helps you execute a very deceptive switch so that the un-gimmicked items (also provided) can be fully examined.

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