Criss Angel Mindfreak Complete Season One (2005) - DVD
Criss Angel Mindfreak Complete Season One (2005) - DVD
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Skynet Project (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Marc Lavelle - Trick

  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginner
  • Manufactured by: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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In card magic, free choice is often an illusion, but for magicians and keen spectators, that illusion is easily broken.

Marc Lavelle's Skynet Project is the magician's ultimate tool for bringing in any freely chosen or thought-of card into play silently and secretly. It's an easy-to-manage utility index system that gives the user 100% unrestricted access to every card in the deck whenever and wherever they want!

You simply ask the spectator to think of any playing card. And before you can complete the sentence, "was there a reason you chose this card?", their thought-of card is quietly waiting on your palm, ready to be revealed using any method you have in your arsenal. No shuffling through a deck to find their card, no card sleights required - to them there isn't even a deck in play!

Skynet Project is by far, the easiest full-deck index available on the market. It's literally as easy as counting from 1,2,3. (Seriously, counting from 1 to 3 is part of the method). There is no memory work required, and best of all, unlike many other index systems, Marc Lavelle's Skynet Project requires no pocket space.

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Resets in seconds
  • Requires no pocket space
  • Comes with Marc Lavelle's signature opener
  • Stealthy and quiet
  • Invisible to spectators
  • No forcing or restrictions of any kind
  • Adds another layer of deception to routines you already perform
  • No gaffs, or thin cards necessary - all cards are standard and can be immediately examined or given away
  • Works with any deck

Initiate the Skynet System and fool even your toughest audiences.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 12 April, 2019.

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    • Q. How difficult is it to use the index?
    • A. Not difficult at all. Difficulty level is rated as Beginner.

    • Q. Are there any clothing restrictions? (ie: Can I have my shirt tucked in?)
    • A. If you have a tucked in shirt, you will want to wear an opened jacket over it. However, if you are in a parlor setting (where a table is in front of you and the audience is seated in front, then you can use the Skynet Project without having it on your body (and therefore, you can wear whatever clothing you want in that situation). But walk-around performances, you will want something like an opened jacket or opened unbuttoned shirt, etc.

    • Q. The video shows that the card is folded - do you have to be able to do the Mercury fold?
    • A. No, you do not need to secretly do anymercury card folding during the performance.

    • Q. 1) Does the system require the card to be in a folded condition or even have fold lines which will obviously be seen? 2) In the 1st performance on the trailer, the camera cuts away when Marc accesses the system inside his unzipped hoodie. Why is that? How much misdirection is needed to access the system and if it isn't difficult, then why have the camera cut to another spectator when the system is accessed? Why are they afraid to show that most crucial aspect of the system, the most crucial time during the performance when most spectators' eyes will be burning you? 3) How thick is the index? How much of a bulge would it have if I accessed the system from a back pants pocket instead of inside of an opened shirt, hoodie, jacket, etc...or the outside pocket of a hoodie or jacket? My thinking on that is this. Tell one spec to put one or both hands behind their back to receive the imaginary card from another spec and then fold it into 4ths. I mimic that action for just a second and in that moment I access the system from my back pocket, bring their card forward in a Ramsey subtlety, immediately take back the empty paper bag with my dirty hand and continue.
    • A. The revealed card will be folded, but that's not suspicious when you consider that you tell the spectator to "fold the imaginary card" before they toss it into the bag. I cannot speak to the editing of the video (we didn't produce it).......but you access the system in the off beat, or while misdirecting them with conversation (making eye contact, engaging them, etc). The only "move" they will see may be you quickly scratching your back which is completely natural in a walkaround/standing environment. If performing in a parlor (behind a table), then you don't need it setup on yourself and can then produce the card with less misdirection (since you'd be sitting behind your table). The index is only 4 folded cards thick, so it takes up very little space from your body. If wearing the system, you will need an open jacket or shirt like you see in the demo. It does NOT hook up inside of your pockets. However, the scenario you perform is definitely ACHIEVED with this system. After you have them choose an imaginary card (completely free choice), you can tell them to "put your hands behind your back and fold the card in quarters." You then put your own hands behind your back to demonstrate, and in that quick moment, that would be all the misdirection you need to get their card into your hands. There's another little part after that where you might need to casually put your hand into your front pocket but without giving anything away, it's natural and something done in the offbeat....and only needed in certain situations depending on the card named and how you have your Skynet configured. You then reach for the bag or produce the card anyway you want.

    • Q. If an audience member is close to you and is staring intently at your opened shirt (over a t-shirt I am assuming, unless you want to be bare-chested) or your opened jacket, can the device be accessed without any telltale movement of said shirt or jacket?
    • A. They will not see anything obvious unless standing behind you. If you can casually move your hand behind your back, then you can quickly and easily produce their card. This can be done in the offbeat of scratching your back, or more openly if using the motion to describe what you want the spectator to do. The only additional move may be to put your hand in your front pocket, but again, it's casual and nothing noticed while you're talking to the spectator.

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