1 Stack of $20 Prop Bills (100 bills/$2,000 value) - Realistic Fake Money

This is the most realistic fake money you will ever see!  It actually looks BETTER in person than the pictures can convey.

Perfect for incorporating into your magic routines, mentalism acts, or even for playing pranks on friends.

This is the exact same kind of money professionals use on TV, Film, and more.  In fact, unless you're holding it and examining closely, it's almost impossible to tell that it's not real.

Total Number of Stacks: 1
Denomination: $20.00
Value of Prop Money: $2,000

It is perfectly legal to buy, own, and use prop money for entertainment and non-commercial uses like playing pranks, magic performances, and making YouTube or Tik Tok videos.

Available in these denominations:

Our prop money is made with the finest quality paper and inks. Each bill is printed on both sides and it's the closest you can get on-screen to the real bills.

Customers who are using these bills include some of the biggest names in movie and TV show production, record labels, and entertainment companies. Here's what you will get:

  •  The bills are made with the highest-grade paper and professional-grade waterproof inks.
  • For legal reasons, they are "slightly" smaller in size than real bills. 
  • Again, for legal reasons, the detailing and colors on each prop bill are as close to the original bills as legally permitted.
  • On-screen and in most up close situations, you will not be able to tell the difference. 
  • The prop money does not have working holograms.
  • Each bill has the word "Replica" and the phrase "Not legal tender," and "For Motion Picture Use" printed somewhere on them. 
  • The bills are printed on both sides, there are no blank fillers in the stack.
  • All our prop money is made in the U.S.A. Please support "Made in the U.S.A." 

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Customer Questions:

  • Q. We are trying to pull a massive prank on my son, I am wondering how these look when we would add real ones in the mix! Would they look pretty much same would u be able tell a big difference?
  • A. They LOOK identical to the real thing, but they will feel different (because it's printed on paper instead of the same cotton material that real currency uses). If handling individually, you may want to mix or disperse them amongst real bills to hopefully conceal them better, but again, it's two different materials so it's possible to feel the difference.

    If pranking these as a STACK of bills, you could replace the top 2 or 3, and maybe the bottom. Then if he riffles his thumb over the stack, he may be fooled! But with pranks like this, they usually only last a short amount of time before the person catches on that they've been pranked!

  • Q. How much would it cost me for 5 stacks $20

    How much for 5 stacks $100

    How much for 5 stacks $50
  • A. A stack is currently $29.95. So 5 x 29.95 = $149.75 for a stack of 5.

  • Q. How off is the color, feel, from real bill?
  • A. The LOOK is pretty spot on, and no one will be able to tell the difference if flashing the money in front of someone. However, if you feel the money, you can tell the difference because this is printed on PAPER (real money is not printed on paper). So these feel a bit thinner than real currency due to the paper vs the linen/cotton of real currency. This is also by design, because you should not use this money to pass as real money in commerce (which again, would be illegal), so don't expect someone to not feel the difference unless they are clearly not paying attention.

  • Q. Are these okay?
  • A. What do you mean by "Are these okay"? If you're asking if they look like real bills, the answer is yes. If you're asking if they can be handed to someone and used as real money, the answer is no. They are printed on paper (not cotton fiber like real currency), so you can tell when handling them that it's not a real bill. But if you show a stack of these to people, they will look real, especially in photos and video.

  • Q. Haw much for 2000 in 20s that don't have prop or copy stamp on the bill do they
  • A. Our bills only have the small word "replica" printed on them, but they cannot be made without it. All will come with that printed on them by law.

  • Q. I would like to purchase
  • A. Fantastic! You may use our website to submit your order whenever you're ready!

  • Q. Can i order the 5 doller bill and10s 20s 1s also 20s
  • A. Yes, yes you can. Order as much as you wish. It's all right there on our website.

  • Manufactured by: MJM Magic

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