$10.00 Prop Bill (1 bill/$10.00 value) - Realistic Fake Money

This is the most realistic fake money you will ever see!  It actually looks BETTER in person than the pictures can convey.

Perfect for incorporating into your magic routines, mentalism acts, or even for playing pranks on friends.

This is the exact same kind of money professionals use on TV, Film, and more.  In fact, unless you're holding it and examining closely, it's almost impossible to tell that it's not real.

Total Number of Stacks: 1
Denomination: $10.00
Value of Prop Money: $10.00

It is perfectly legal to buy, own, and use prop money for entertainment and non-commercial uses like playing pranks, magic performances, and making YouTube or Tik Tok videos.

Available in these denominations:

Our prop money is made with the finest quality paper and inks. Each bill is printed on both sides and it's the closest you can get on-screen to the real bills.

Customers who are using these bills include some of the biggest names in movie and TV show production, record labels, and entertainment companies. Here's what you will get:

  •  The bills are made with the highest-grade paper and professional-grade waterproof inks.
  • For legal reasons, they are "slightly" smaller in size than real bills. 
  • Again, for legal reasons, the detailing and colors on each prop bill are as close to the original bills as legally permitted.
  • On-screen and in most up close situations, you will not be able to tell the difference. 
  • The prop money does not have working holograms.
  • Each bill has the word "Replica" and the phrase "Not legal tender," and "For Motion Picture Use" printed somewhere on them. 
  • The bills are printed on both sides, there are no blank fillers in the stack.
  • All our prop money is made in the U.S.A. Please support "Made in the U.S.A." 

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Customer Questions:

  • Q. How many bills do you get?
  • A. For this particular listing, you are only buying one (single) bill. If you want a stack of 100 bills, then you should use this link:


  • Q. What are the dimensions of the bills? Length,width,and weight?
  • A. They look nearly identical to the size of a real bill. Roughly 6 1/8" x 2 5/8".

  • Q. Do they feel like real money? would it work as a prank if someone didn’t see the replica words for a few seconds?
  • A. Real currency isn't printed on paper (these are), so they feel like paper. In other words, they are lighter and thinner than real money. However, visually, they LOOK like real bills and they fool many people.

  • Q. how can you tell that the money is fake?
  • A. The money has the words REPLICA printed on it, and the paper quality is slightly different, but visually they are almost identical to real money.

  • Q. Can I just order the 10 dollar bills for $1.95 or what?
  • A. Why yes, yes you can. :)

  • Q. Can I buy 100 10s and 100 5s
  • A. Yes, just buy a stack of each here:



  • Manufactured by: MJM Magic
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