Afterglow The Anytime Act by John Graham

A complete, audience-proven act using nothing more than a shuffled deck of cards in use.

Afterglow: The Anytime Anywhere Act by John Graham (Stage by Stage) teaches you seven incredible card tricks using a normal deck of cards. The deck of cards can even be borrowed because no setup or prep work is required.

Most importantly though, like with his other bestselling book Encore, John shows you to naturally combine these effects into a compelling 20+ minute act. You'll walk away with the skills needed to perform a complete show for any audience, in any close-up situation, with nothing more than a deck of cards.

John shares his incredible takes on classics like "Play It Straight" by John Bannon, which features an amazing new prequel you're going to love, as well as the "Lazy Man's Card Trick" by Al Koran and Jack Miller. He even shows you a devious way of flowing right into Paul Curry's "Out of This World" without having to waste time on prepping the deck ahead of time.

While these modular effects are great on their own, the true value of Afterglow comes from seeing how John flawlessly routines each one together into a multiphase act that keeps the audience hooked as it builds toward a stunning finale. You'll not only learn how to get into the effects, but also how to seamlessly get out of them and move to the next phase. This includes all the scripting and transitions needed to ensure it all flows smoothly.

"Study this book carefully. John will teach you how to turn magic into a show."

-Asi Wind

You don't need to be someone who performs formal close up shows regularly to take advantage of this incredible book. Seeing John's thought process in action will ultimately teach you how to get maximum impact out of all your magic. Everything is neatly wrapped up in this gorgeous hardback book with over 50 illustrations that has been produced with the exceptional quality you've come to expect from Vanishing Inc. books.

While most magicians know how to wow people with some magic tricks, few of us know how to take them on a journey. Afterglow is your detailed guide to bringing your audience on an adventure they'll never forget. Get your copy today!
  • A complete, audience-proven 20-minute act using nothing more than a shuffled deck of cards in use.
  • Perform the effects on their own, or together.
  • A lavishly illustrated hardback book.
  • From the author of Stage by Stage and Encore.

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  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginner
  • Manufactured by: Vanishing Inc.
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