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Alejandro Horcajo Garrido

Five to Five by Alejandro Horcajo video DOWNLOAD

Five to Five is a version of the classic Banknote Paper effect. An effect that has passed from generation to generation and this time we have created a more organic version. In this case we transform a package of chewing gum 5 into 5 notes of five euros or five dollars. We have not only tried to...

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FlashSu by Alejandro Horcajo video DOWNLOAD

You fancy a snack, but only have one bill and the candy machine does not accept bills. You tear a piece of your bill off, and that piece transforms into a candy. For a magical finish you shake the bill and it restores completely! Now you can do it too! We teach you the perfect formula to make this...

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Kit Kers by Alejandro Horcajo video DOWNLOAD

Kit Kers is a transformation of chocolatines. Where you can get very surprising visual effects. It can be used both in public and on social media. Giving to choose a chocolatin among many to a spectator. The prediction is opened and turns out to be a different chocolate to the one chosen by the...

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Kit-Su by Alejandro Horcajo video DOWNLOAD

A magic kit with sugus. Visual magic effects to perform on social media or in real life. Sugus Change : the version of a silver and copper coin but with sugus. Visual, fast and instantaneous. Tic Tac Su : the classic "Dice Boom" effect but with a Tic Tac box that holds a sugus, and by shaking the...

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Something paranormal going on here...

I have concluded, that after buying from MJM a few times, communicating with the most friendliest (Brandi) person in the magic business, and having...

Service plus

G'Day I have placed a few orders with MJM over the last few months and would like to congratulate the team on their products ,service, price and...

Fast Delivery

It's my first time to order a magic book from outside Asia. I've heard from many friends that had to wait about a month or so from other companies...

Such a great shop!

It's take just ~10 days for delivering my order to Russian province town with cheap Priority Mail :). Order was well packed too! Thanks.


Outstanding follow-up on orders once you have placed them ..... all the way to your front door... Service is beyond reproach , and the BEST I've...