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  • SKILL LEVEL: No Skill Required
  • Manufactured by: TCC Presents


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Magician Conan Liu has used this classic effect, the drawer box in hundreds of his TV appearances and corporate shows. He searched through all of the similar props available on the market and found none that could meet his requirement of quality, versatility, and that was designed for close-up situations. Therefore, he and his team created this, The Anything Box - a highly crafted quality wooden drawer box. In addition to being able to perform the classic effects we know and love, it can elevate the aesthetics of your close-up magic to the next level.

The inner dimensions of the apparatus are nearly the size of a regular deck of Bicycle playing cards. But you can use it to produce or vanish anything that can fit in it, not just cards!

Besides, with our unique design, you can also use it to transform small objects into anything as well. This is a feature no other drawer box has.

The applications are only limited by your imagination.

Self-working, absolutely simple to operate. The apparatus does everything for you. This is a beautiful package, and one you can use anytime in your act as a beautiful opening, transition, or ending.

Main effects

Transformation: Show an empty wooden box with a drawer. Place some small objects inside (such as coins/business cards/confetti), and reinsert the drawer. When the drawer is reopened, it is now filled with a deck of playing cards or anything else (such as jewelry or even a butterfly) that can fit or filled to the brim with.

Production: A wooden drawer box is shown empty in it. Then you reinsert the drawer back into the box. Something has magically appeared from nowhere.

Vanish: You place a deck of cards or anything into the drawer and close it. When you reopen it, the object has totally vanished.

Combination effect: You do the classic Invisible Deck presentation and have the spectator name a card randomly and imagine he/she reverse it in a deck of invisible cards. Then you tell them that their imagination can be turned into reality by magic. You show an empty elegant wooden box, and then you have a real deck of cards appear in it all of a sudden, which happens to have one card facing down-and that's the card your spectator just named at random! (To do this effect, you would need to provide your own Invisible Deck).
  • Creatively designed for transformation effects
  • Handmade from real black Walnut
  • Polished wooden surface
  • Fine copper brass handle
  • Collectible quality
The objects to produce/vanish are not included.

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