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BRIX (gimmick and online instructions) by Mr. Pearl and ARCANA

Mr. Pearl's newest release - BRIX ! A great prediction effect with Lego figures, for kids and adults! The spectator freely shuffles, freely folds, but the prediction holds! Unique, unsuspecting, and the surprising finale is sure to make your spectator's jaw drop! "A trick that allows...

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Pearl's Coin by Mr. Pearl - DVD

Mr. Pearl is one of the leading magicians in Korea. He has won the Grand Prix in close-up magic, both in Korea and Japan. Interestingly, his true competence comes from his experience while performing as a bar magician for 10 years. In his debut project, Pearl's Coins , he reveals 8 of his very best...

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PINcredible by Mr. Pearl - Trick

PINcredible , Mr. Pearl's newest trick, has been released! Mr. Pearl's re-interpretation of the classic linking pin routine allows you to make magic happen right in the spectator's hands! And as you know, spectators respond most strongly to magic that happens in their own hands. The pins will link...

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Amazing Customer Service

Jeff and Brandi have gone to extra lengths to make sure I'm a happy customer. If I want to buy something they don't sell, they go out and find it for...


I'm a Magician from Curacao(in the caribbean) It's the first time I received a good service like this. Keep up the good work guys!

Great Order

I orderes the Masters Edition deck, a Tally Ho deck, Bobos Modern Coin Magic, and Expert at the Card Table. The prices are awesome. Very cheap. The...

Great Service!

I have placed four orders with MJM. Each has shipped within a day and arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. I would recommend them to...

Awsome Company

Great customer service, fast shipping, and a reliable staff. Will love to do business with them again!