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Arie Bhojez

CHANGE 3 by Arie Bhojez video DOWNLOAD

CHANGE 3 is a very visual effect by Arie Bhojez Effects Triple X: A spectator selects a card, signs it, and holds it in their hand. Then the magician draws three X's on the card box. Here's when the magic happens! The magician shakes the box, the X's disappear one by one and appear on the...

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CRUSH by Arie Bhojez x Iqmal Kasparovsky video DOWNLOAD

You borrow a cigarette package or a card from the spectator, you open the plastic wrapper slightly and with only the magic of mind you could crush the wrapper. This thing happens right in front of they eyes. - Borrowed - Can be checked before and after - Perfect for social media or real life...

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JUMPER by Arie Bhojez video DOWNLOAD

If you like performing insanely visual magic, then read on! You unwrap a box of cards or cigarettes that you borrow from a spectator, or use your own. Then you borrow a coin from a spectator and have them sign it. You throw the coin, and in a split second, the coin is inside the cellophane wrapping...

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T & R Cigarette by Arie Bhojez video DOWNLOAD

Torn and Restored BORROWED Cigarette! Here's a visual trick with a spectator's cigarette. Ask the spectator to break their cigarette into two pieces. The magician takes both pieces, and has the spectator mark the cigarette. Step by step, the magician restores the cigarette back together, with the...

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VTnR by Arie Bhojez video DOWNLOAD

Visual torn and restored effect with a SIGNED card! Tear the spectator's signed selection in a clear manner. With a magical wave of the hand, the tear disappears and the card is restored! Visual No forcing Signed card Impromptu Download the video and learn this effect today!

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