Balancing Canadian Quarters - Trick

Four coins of the same denomination are removed from your jacket pocket. Two coins are handed to the spectator and two are kept for yourself. Tell the spectator to do as you do. You vertically balance one coin on top of the other. The spectator has no luck. Now you take this already amazing accomplishment one step further. While holding the bottom of the coin with one hand, use the other hand to rotate the top coin 90 degrees so that it is now resting sideways opposed to the bottom coin. Still the coin remains balanced. The spectator is in awe as his/her coin continues to fall. The coins are returned to your pocket and both hands are left clean.

  • This trick can be repeated immediately with no setup. Great for close-up and walk around. A perfect "impromptu" effect.
  • Very easy to perform. The supplied two coins are precision machined by Roy Kueppers. The gimmick is self-contained within the coins.
  • Comes in a variety of coin types allowing you to be ready to "borrow" your coins from a variety of spectators.
  • Comes with specially gimmicked coins, full instructions for use, and a routine(s).
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    • SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
    • Manufactured by: Roy Kueppers
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