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Ball Holder from Uday

Sale: $2.85

I prefer this model ball holder because it has the extra space above the held article that allows me to put my finger in that space to steal the load into a classic palm.
Date Added: 08/13/2011 by Michael Smilek


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Great Shop!

I'll be ordering from this shop whenever I need magic!

Greetings from Malaysia!

For starters, some other websites see where I'm from, and they don't even reply to my queries! Anyways, MJM has been prompt and very helpful,...

Quality Products

What I like in your shop is the quality and finishing of your product. Thank you so much .. Keep it up. May God Bless you.

thanks MJM magic

As usual my order arrived way before i expected it! What was really great was that i had previously ordered the wrong size "pk ring" and Jeff...

MJM Listens!

It's refreshing to find an Internet magic shop that almost feels like a "brick and mortar" shop. Brandi and Jeff are "flesh and blood" people...