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Bang Jay

Fulcrum by Bang Jay video DOWNLOAD

This is a quick and very instant method for a balance using cigarettes, and this can be done suddenly, the audience will never be suspicious because this is done very naturally, and very clean. And you have full control for you move left and right in a state of balance can be checked and the...

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JABOOX by Bang Jay video DOWNLOAD

Jaboox is a simple yet reasonable idea to have magic trick using card boxes. So, Jaboox has 2 visual effects, they are Switch Card and Color Change. Because once you have already seen the effect, you get to believe that this is done without GIMMICK. But with a sleight of hand. Download now!

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Fast Delivery

It's my first time to order a magic book from outside Asia. I've heard from many friends that had to wait about a month or so from other companies...

Thanks a million!

Jeff & crew, just want to let you know how much I appreciate your continuing efforts to provide the best service possible by giving your website a...

Amazing Shipping

IĀ ordered 2 things from here and so far its AMAZING shipping and delivery!

MJM rocks!!!

Just received my first streaming video and I'd like to say I'm very pleased with the quality of it. The resolution is perfect, as is the audio; and...

Good Service

Thanks again for the Service ,Its the reason i return to you unlike many other experiences that i have had with Magic shops in the US. Best...