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Before We Begin by Asi Wind - Book

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Asi Wind and Vanishing Inc. present one of the most comprehensive explorations ever written about a topic that is far too often overlooked by magicians and mentalists.

One of the most widely-respected magicians and thinkers in the industry, Asi Wind offers an in-depth look at the art of pre-show with Before We Begin. He shows you how, when performed correctly, pre-show can be one of the most powerful tools a magician or mentalist can possess. It's one of the easiest ways to transform a simple routine into a showstopping miracle.

With so few resources previously available, pre-show techniques have long been misunderstood. Many performers either use pre-show incorrectly, are intimidated by it or just don't see the inherent value (particularly magicians who wrongly assume that only mentalists can use pre-show). Before We Begin will help you overcome all these pitfalls.

This stunning hardcover book teaches you everything you need to know about pre-show. As with all books from Vanishing Inc, the quality of the book and teaching is unparalleled. Asi explores pre-show from all different angles such as:
  • Selecting the right volunteers
  • What to say to your volunteers before the show
  • Secretly guiding pre-showed volunteers so nobody suspects you've met before
  • Unconventional techniques for secretly gaining information
  • Using pre-show on radio and tv
  • Avoiding common mistakes
  • And so much more!
Combined with insightful interviews from three other magic luminaries: Max Maven, Luke Jermay and Penn Jillette, Before We Begin is the ultimate guide to learning pre-show techniques and understanding how they can enhance your current material. While no full routines are taught, Asi does provide inspiration for opportunities to add totally new elements to your show.

Before We Begin is a tremendous resource that has received rave reviews from some of the greatest minds in the industry. It is sure to be an influential text that any serious magician or mentalist will return to for years to come.

147 pages | Hardcover

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