Beyond Perfect ESP by John George


I have thought long and hard about reviewing this effect. It is a different approach to a standard plot - matching five different symbols. As such it does work and it does work in a manner sufficiently different to be considered original.
However, compared to one of the more popular alternatives, Symbologic, it fails to live up to its title! Symbologic has one gaff, Beyond Perfect ESP has two. Symbologic starts and ends clean and has one awkward move. Beyond Perfect ESP starts and ends dirty and has two awkward moves! For me, I'll continue with Symbologic.
Finally, Beyond Perfect ESP is done with the cards face down which is a plus. However, the supplied gaffs are limiting to those of us with normal eye sight. There are already gaffed cards around that are easier to use. If I were to do this routine I would have to find different cards.
Date Added: 05/18/2020 by Bruce Mabis


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