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LightPaint by Mathieu Bich and Gentlemen's Magic - Trick

What if you could reveal the selected card with a borrowed cellphone? With just a picture or a video, you will be able to reveal the spectator's card in a flash! The picture can be shared on social networks right after. EXTREMELY VISUAL AND MODERN LightPaint is the first Gentlemen's Magic release,...

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Omni Case by Laurent Villiger and Gentlemen's Magic - Trick

What if your card case could become completely transparent in a blink of an eye, with only one playing card, the one chosen and signed by the spectator! TOTALLY UNEXPECTED, EXTREMELY VISUAL Laurent Villiger is the third creator to join the Gentlemen's Magic team. More than a trick, Omni Case is a...

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Rubiked (App Only) by Vincent Tarrit - Trick

If you already own a Giiker i3s or wish to connect an extra device, it is now possible to purchase the Rubiked App separately. Unlock the app to discover the most innovative cube prediction. Revolution starts with an "R", Rubiked too. App only. You need a Giiker i3s to use this product. If you do...
Sale: $68.00

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Rubiked (Gimmick and App) by Vincent Tarrit - Trick

Rules have just changed. Forget shells. Forget a cube switch. Forget extra gimmicks to carry. Discover Rubiked, one of Blackpool Magic Convention's 2019 Bestsellers. Rubiked introduces a completely new way to perform a Rubik's Cube prediction. Imagine having a prediction on your camera roll...

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Wall Street by Julio Montoro and Gentlemen's Magic - Trick

A multiple bill change with removable gimmick! Wall Street allows you to change any type of bill multiple times in an insanely visual way: the bill stays in full view all the time, no cover needed. With just a shake, the change happens! The best part? It works with bills of any size and you can...

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