Blake Vogt

Acro Index (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Blake Vogt - Trick

Acro Index (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Blake Vogt - Trick

Change anything into anything. With this gimmicked note card, you can change anything you write into anything else! This is an acrobatic flap card built into a regular looking 3x5 index card. The mechanics are built into the gimmick so the visual change is self-working. Great for any reveal of...

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Envelock by Blake Vogt - DOWNLOAD

Envelock by Blake Vogt - DOWNLOAD

Make anything appear inside a sealed and LOCKED envelope.   Your spectator signs the sealed envelope BEFORE the routine starts. Perform an effect with any small object and then... as your big finish... ask them to tear open the signed envelope and they will find their object inside! They get...
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