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  • Manufactured by: Arun Kumar Dutt

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The uniqueness of this effect is that it can be totally performed blindfolded. It is almost self-working. However, you need a few minutes of practice to understand the handling & logic behind the trick.


A prediction is placed on the table before start of the performance.

A deck is cut into halves, shuffled thoroughly.

A stack of cards is given to the volunteer,

He is instructed to;
  • Select a card from the stack & keep it on top of the deck
  • Place a few cards (uncounted) from his stack inside the card case
  • Place the remaining cards (uncounted) of his stack onto the selected card (nobody knows how many are inside the case & how many are on top of the selected card)
  • Deal one card for every letter of his name from the deck onto the table.
  • Deal one card for every letter of the name of his favorite film star
  • Deal one card for every letter of the name of his favorite sportsperson.
  • Deal one card for every letter of the name of his girlfriend.
  • Finally to keep the rest of the deck on top of the dealt cards
Now the prediction is opened. It says, 'your card is at 33rd position from the top'. When counted, his selected card appears exactly at 33rd position from the top.

Position 33 is only an example and you can cause the card to appear at different positions during different performances.

Use your own DECK and BLINDFOLD

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