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Calendar by Rick Lax


I was fortunate to get a chance to see & review this early.
If you like this type of effect and you like what you see, then get it!
The ad copy is accurate and it works just like you see performed.

For those who do mentalism and who've done something similar to this in the past, here are a few points worth noting. First of all you reveal 2 things about the person; both their birth month and date. Often in these effects you only reveal one piece of information. Secondly, the astrology calendar is a well thought out and really nicely produced. It looks very normal, just like someone might hand you on the street or leave on your windshield. It doesn't draw any attention, which is great.

There are two methods taught. Neither is hard, though the second does require a little memory skill, but nothing difficult. I actually prefer the second method because I feel I could perform this effect completely hands off.

As always, Rick does a great job teaching. He keeps things simple, yet covers subtleties and more than one way to perform it. This will take no practice at all to learn and perform. But as in any effect, you'll want to take some time to develop your patter and make it your own.

If you like what you see, then you should get this!!
Date Added: 05/11/2019 by Dan M


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